April 2013
Volume 34, Issue 4

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Bluephase® Style: Simplifying
Composite Restorations

When it comes to producing products and providing services, Ivoclar Vivadent relies on three distinct guiding principles—passion, vision, and innovation, says George Tysowsky, DDS, MPH, Vice President of Technology. With these success principles in mind, the company has consistently developed and manufactured top-of-the-line dental products, including clinical instruments, adhesives, restorative materials, ceramics—and curing lights.

The curing-light market, Tysowsky explains, has over the years shifted to become more of a “one size fits all” environment, as manufacturers have strived to accommodate customers seeking a light that is able to cure all dental materials and indications. Moreover, users want curing lights that are reliable and durable. “In short, besides working effectively, clinicians and their teams want a curing light that is going to make life easier,” Tysowsky asserts.

Known for its Bluephase® line, Ivoclar Vivadent has invested considerable research and development in creating curing lights that simplify the process of curing composite restorations. The company uses the latest technology available when developing its products, and its R&D team actively taps the minds of highly qualified external partners and suppliers for ideas and guidance. This approach, Tysowsky says, has enabled Ivoclar Vivadent to see the trend in curing-light innovation towards the manufacture of smaller lights that offer multifaceted functionality.

“It is Ivoclar Vivadent’s dedication to research and development that led to the release of our newest curing light, the Bluephase® Style, which we feel meets all the needs that customers currently demand,” says Tysowsky.

The latest member of the Bluephase line, the Bluephase Style features a unique polywave light-emitting diode (LED) (designed and developed by Ivoclar Vivadent) that emits a halogen-like emission spectrum ranging from 385 nm to 515 nm, enabling it to polymerize the entire range of photoinitiators and materials currently used in dentistry, according to the company. “This flexibility is invaluable to clinicians who perform all manner of dental procedures on any given day,” says Tysowsky.

Along with its “Click & Cure®” corded battery backup option, the Bluephase Style also features energy-efficient LED technology, which provides users continuous curing with no clinical limitations. This saves clinicians time, as they do not have to be concerned about their light shutting off during a procedure due to overheating.

“Combined with Ivoclar Vivadent’s decades of experience and expertise, these innovations have led the Bluephase brand to become one of the most awarded and cited LED curing lights on the market,” Tysowsky states.

In addition to creating a product like the Bluephase Style that meets market demand, Ivoclar Vivadent is cognizant of the importance of customer education. The company ensures that clinicians who use its products have a myriad of training manuals and instruction available to them, and it also maintains an extensive sales and customer service presence. “We employ the best and most knowledgeable field sales and customer service teams in the industry, who are always available to provide our customers support,” says Tysowsky.

Looking forward, clinicians should expect to see an increasing number of broad-spectrum LED curing lights available on the market, Tysowsky suggests. “Studies are showing that these lights provide harder and better cured resins,” he explains. He adds that manufacturers will continue to shrink the size of their curing lights while increasing light intensity, which will make curing times shorter, thus improving office efficiencies. This is the advancement that Tysowsky finds most exciting. “The ability to have smaller electronics while boosting light intensity higher points to a more efficient workflow for the dental team,” he says.

Even though the Bluephase Style was released just last year, the Ivoclar Vivadent research and development team is continuing to work to advance the company’s curing-light technology. “We expect to continue to expand our Bluephase brand and incorporate new technologies to bring all of our products to a higher level,” Tysowsky concludes.

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