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April 2013
Volume 34, Issue 4

Dear Readers,

It’s been close to 4 years since the controversial death of pop star Michael Jackson, whose passing was attributed to unapproved use of propofol, a commonly used general anesthetic induction agent, which had been administered by the entertainer’s personal physician to treat a sleep disorder. His death shined a spotlight—to both the general public and many health professionals—on propofol as a potential drug for abuse that, if inappropriately dispensed, can have tragic consequences.

In this month’s first continuing education (CE) article, we shine the light back on propofol, which, the authors point out, can be a valuable tool in dentistry for achieving deep sedation or general anesthesia with rapid onset and recovery. In the hands of an adequately trained anesthesia provider, propofol has a definite place in dental care. The article identifies the pharmacokinetic profile of propofol, assesses which patients might not be able to use this medication, and discusses its overall risks, benefits, and safe administration.

Our other CE article also discusses patient well being, albeit in a much different regard. As clinicians know, orthodontic therapy can benefit many, if not most, patients, and the collaboration between the general dentist and orthodontist is vital to a successful outcome. The article discusses the importance of the timing and technique involved with an initial orthodontic referral, and describes a team-oriented approach to achieving proper oral hygiene and effective results for the orthodontic patient.

In our literature review, the utilization of an acid-based resistant zone (ABRZ), or super dentin, in the prevention of secondary caries is detailed. A case study is included that illustrates the author’s technique in helping to create an ABRZ. The article covers recent developments in resin adhesives, techniques, and luting materials that are helping to increase the lifespan of indirect dental restorations.

Our case reports focus on two pertinent areas of dentistry. The Kois Center Case of the Month highlights an interdisciplinary restoration of a Class II, Division 2 malocclusion. The other case report describes a predictable approach to an all-ceramic full-arch restoration.

As always, thank you for supporting Compendium as we continually strive to shine a spotlight on areas that are essential to dental clinicians. Please visit us online at for a plethora of CE and other clinical content.


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

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