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Nov/Dec 2012
Volume 33, Issue 12

LSK121: Designing, Creating Natural-Looking Implant Esthetics

Like many dental laboratories, LSK121 Oral Prosthetics has seen a rise in the number of implant cases it takes on. From single units, to All-on-4, to full-mouth rehabilitation design, LSK121 is helping its clients with treatment planning and fabrication of all types of implant cases, according to Luke Kahng, CDT, Owner and Founder of LSK121. “This has led us to focus on providing the very best that we can with regard to esthetics,” he says.

While many clinicians have knowledge about All-on-4 cases fabricated with acrylic denture teeth, they may not have been introduced to All-on-4 hybrid bars with ceramic teeth. “Ceramic teeth are an exceptionally beautiful alternative to denture teeth,” says Kahng. “Once clinicians see its appearance in comparison to acrylic teeth, they will not want to return to acrylics.” The lifelike esthetics are unsurpassed, he adds, leaving the patient with a smile that is natural and becoming.

Many laboratories hesitate to offer this alternative, says Kahng, because they are not used to working with the special type of porcelain that LSK121 uses with titanium. “This uncertainty can cause some unpredictability within the fabrication of the restoration. However, LSK121’s use of GC Initial Titanium Porcelain creates the appearance of natural tooth enamel and offers the compatibility we need to fabricate this type of restoration,” says Kahng.

“Porcelain fused to a hybrid titanium bar means that the bar is milled by a machine, with proper design becoming an important necessity,” Kahng continues. “The frame has to be put together differently than a casted denture bar. With one body and only one unit involved, the color is lifelike and brilliant in appearance.” He adds that while denture, or acrylic, teeth are plastic and stain easily, ceramic does not. This means the patient is able to comfortably wear the restoration for a long time without fearing that it needs cleaning.

LSK121’s team has thorough and extensive knowledge in the intricacies of implant case design, according to Kahng. Each component and abutment is engaged with a guideline in place, he explains. “Whether the dentist requests screw- or cement-retained implants, the positioning and design are all taken into consideration by our technicians. We also offer guidance with regard to change of design when necessary, always while considering the clinician’s view.”

LSK121 offers a uniquely total system by also involving the clinician in the case estimate process, says Kahng. “On our website, we have the capability to allow clinicians to create their own detailed estimate for the case plan. Also, on staff we have a well-known and experienced Prosthodontist, Dr. Joseph Caruso, who is available to guide the clinician with case planning,” he says.

In addition to fabricating all fixed cosmetic and full-mouth cases, LSK121 also creates wax-ups and full-zirconia restorations and offers an integrated implant package with one fixed price. Moreover, the company has produced a shading system that utilizes porcelain ceramic shade tabs—“a truly lifelike match with natural dentition,” says Kahng. “We call it the Seasons of Life Shading System, with each category grouped according to patient age and their natural dentition.” LSK121 is also able to accept Cadent iTero™ CAD/CAM files for milling, with no model involved, as well as 3Shape Trios® and 3M ESPE Lava™ files.

Kahng is proud of the fact that LSK121’s clientele can be found all over the country, as clinicians have come to rely on the laboratory’s ability to produce outstanding esthetics. “We understand function and offer our knowledge to our clients as we work together to establish trust and improve esthetics,” he says. “Our goal is to remain in constant communication with our clients, especially in situations that may arise with large and complex cases. Working together, we are able to achieve fantastic results, and we will never stop striving to attain the finished product our clients have come to expect from us.”

LSK121 Oral Prosthetics
940 East Diehl Rd
Naperville, IL 60563

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