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September 2012
Volume 33, Issue 8

Z-Systems’ Metal-Free Zirconia Implants High on Biocompatibility, Esthetics

Implantology is a rapidly evolving field. New materials, implant designs, and techniques have made the procedures faster, easier, and safer. Even with these innovations, implant companies are still looking to expand their offerings to provide the highest quality products to the clinician and satisfy the needs of the patient. Dr. Ralf Luettmann, clinician and Chief Science Officer (CSO) for Z-Systems Inc., Switzerland, believes that the future of implantology lies in the acceptance of these innovations by practitioners as a standard of care.

Luettmann belives that integrating implantology with technologies like 3-dimensional (3-D) x-ray, CAD/CAM scanning, intraoral scanning, and digital implant planning will make the procedures easier and more accessible for all clinicians. “A well-trained clinician is able to perform implant surgery in a short period of time if they pre-plan the case digitally and have a 3-D scan of the patient’s jaw and soft tissue to work from,” he says. 3-D scanning options in particular have significantly improved implantology, because the clinician knows the dimension of the bone, the location of other anatomy like nerves, and of any abnormalities before beginning the procedure. This information can be extremely helpful to clinicians placing implants for the first time.

Luettmann adds that when an implant is preplanned digitally, it is also possible to have the restoration constructed before the surgery, giving the patient a shorter treatment period. “Diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning of the case is truly the best option for the patient and for a successful result. 3-D scanning has given clinicians the means to make this a much safer procedure for the patient.”

The desire to optimize implant procedures for patients led to the creation of Z-Systems’ unique implant solutions—the company offers solely all-zirconia, metal-free tooth replacement solutions from root to crown. “Z-Systems’ implants have some of the highest biocompatibility, and this is because our implants are all-zirconia,” explains Luettmann. “Zirconia implants ensure a high esthetic output for the prosthetics, and promote quick and easy healing.” According to Luettmann, patients with Z-Systems implants have less periodontic and soft-tissue problems, and lower plaque around the implants than patients with metal implants.

Z-Systems offers a one-piece zirconia esthetic implant system made of the high-tech zirconia, ZrO2-TZP-A-Bio HIP. This particular zirconia can be prepped just like a natural tooth. Z-Systems started with the Z-Look3 implant line in 2004. Now in its eighth year of clinical experience, the line has evolved into the Z-Look3 SLM Evolution implant line. Since 2009, the next generation of Z-Systems implants have been improved utilizing the clinical results of the Z-Look3 and a patented laser-modified technique to increase surface roughness. Now, the company has made the popular zirconia implant better through a laser-modified surface.

In an effort to acquaint more clinicians with its unique implant offerings, Z-Systems has partnered with the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID) in Washington, DC, offering an extensive continuing education program. James Francis, President of Z-Systems USA, Inc., says, “While we do host programs in Washington, DC, we also take the programs on the road, to our clinicians.” Z-Systems offers courses throughout the US quarterly and may customize a program to serve a particular area.

Luettmann adds that after clinicians complete a Z-Systems course, they are not on their own. “All of our clinicians are connected to Z-Systems experts. If clinicians so desire, they can send us their x-rays or 3-D scans and we can plan the procedure together.” Also, Z-Systems’ US office has a 24-hour hotline that customers can call for technical support, as well as a specialized staff on the ground to support clients in their own offices.

Z-Systems thrives on innovation. After intensive technical comparisons of different surfaces, Z-Systems developed a laser-modified surface for the company’s implants. “We use a laser to further roughen the surface of the thread flanks with an increase to the sandblasted surface by 143% to create better integration and faster loading times and get a super high hydrophilic implant surface,” Luettmann explains. Z-System’s surface-laser-modified (SLM) implants will be available on the American market in Fall 2012. Also, the existing “only one of its kind” all-zirconia over-denture implant, currently available in the US market, has been revised with the new version in different sizes available in late 2012.

In the near future, Z-Systems (, is planning to expand its unique take on implants in new directions. Currently, the company is working together with New Dent Inc. on developing an ultrasonic implant, which can be placed in the bone and immediately loaded unlike any existing implant protocol. “The ultrasonic implant will not be constructed like a screw. Rather, its shape, combined with the new ultrasonic technology we’re using, holds the promise of reliable and consistent immediate load utilizing a uniquely different technique,” says Luettmann.

Luettmann concludes that as a leading innovative implant company in the field of all-zirconia, Z-Systems is looking to make its implants better and easier to use for all clinicians, and safer and less invasive for patients. “We’ve already seen such success in the European and American markets, and we’re very excited to continue introducing these implants to American clinicians.”

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