March 2012
Volume 33, Issue 3

Special Report

Kuraray Provides “Tried and True” Adhesive Option

Kuraray America, Inc. takes a basic and somewhat unique approach to its line of adhesive products. While the company, which entered the field of dental materials in 1973, is known as an innovator in adhesion dentistry, it sticks to what Keiko Shoji, Marketing Manager, calls “tried and true” strategies to create bonding agents with long-term clinical success. Shoji is proud that adhesive products offered by Kuraray not only satisfy dentists, but also cater to the needs of patients.

“We focus on the long-term results,” says Shoji. “Ease of use, set time—those are important qualities but are of little concern to us if the adhesives do not stand the test of time.”

Credited with developing the first total-etch bonding system in the 1970s, Kuraray introduced self-etch adhesive in the early 1990s. This introduction, Shoji believes, pushed adhesive dentistry to a higher level. “Self-etch has increased the bond strength to dentin dramatically, which was a lot more difficult to do in the past,” she explains.

Clearfil™ SE Bond self-etch adhesive is Kuraray’s “gold standard” bonding agent, says Shoji, exhibiting long-term retention and extremely high bond strength. In an 8-year clinical study, Clearfil SE Bond showed a 97% retention rate at a time when long-term success with total-etch was only about 50% to 70%. Also, total-etch results varied greatly depending on the clinician’s technique and the condition of the patient, however Clearfil SE Bond maintained its 97% retention rate due to its reduced technique-sensitivity and its ability to provide consistent results. “Self-etch adhesives are a vast improvement over total-etch,” says Shoji, “especially because they are less technique-sensitive. They allow the clinician to obtain the same consistent results regardless of the conditions.” Shoji mentions that another advantage of using a self-etch adhesive is that it reduces patient sensitivity.

Kuraray self-etch adhesives offer such high bond strength because they contain MDP (10-Methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrodgen phosphate) adhesive monomer. MDP not only offers high bond strength, but also long-term bond durability to enamel, dentin, and base metals, ensuring that restorations done with Kuraray adhesives will last a very long time.

Clearfil SE Bond is only one of many adhesive offerings from Kuraray. Another is Clearfil™ SE Protect, an antibacterial self-etching adhesive. SE Protect contains an antibacterial monomer, MDPB, which disinfects the tooth’s surface during its application, eliminating a step for clinicians. “Every new adhesive Kuraray releases builds upon the strengths of our previous products,” Shoji explains.

Shoji thinks that Kuraray’s latest adhesive, Clearfil™ S3 Bond Plus, is exemplary of the company’s ability to improve upon its already impressive self-etch adhesives. “In Clearfil S3 Bond Plus, Kuraray has created a true one-step adhesive,” she says. S3 Bond Plus does not require the clinician to shake the bottle or scrub it onto the tooth surface, and it is designed so that there should never be a need to reapply. “Kuraray aims to completely eliminate the aspects of adhesion that are technique-sensitive,” says Shoji. “We feel that our newest adhesive is fail-proof.”

Clinicians that use Kuraray products also have the advantage of being connected to the company’s customer service network. “We provide excellent customer service,” says Shoji. “We are a relatively small company, so our research and development team in Japan is able to work directly with our customer support personnel and sales representatives. Since our sales and customer support staff are so well educated, they can, in turn, provide better, more in-depth information for our customers.” Kuraray America has locations in both New York and California.

Shoji believes that the future for Kuraray is in continuing to improve the company’s already impressive line of adhesives. “We really believe that bond strength, longevity of restorations, and patient satisfaction are the keys to producing the best adhesives on the market,” she maintains.

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