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February 2012
Volume 33, Issue 2

Vatech: Digital Radiography Technologies for Precise Dental Diagnostics

Vatech America, the US branch of the international digital radiography company Vatech, Inc., produces high-quality, progressive digital radiography equipment for clinicians who wish to improve their diagnostic capabilities. Always looking ahead, Vatech has invested heavily in the development of new digital radiography technologies, especially those focused on 3-D imagery.

Travis Harrison, Director of Business Development at Vatech America, maintains that the digitalization of dental imaging has enhanced clinicians’ ability to make diagnoses and correctly identify “anatomical truths” about their patients. “Vatech’s digital radiography equipment allows clinicians to make a more educated and precise diagnosis, which enables patients to pursue their best course of treatment. It is all about providing the best care through innovative technology,” says Harrison.

Vatech’s digital radiography offerings are based on multi-modality technology and can be tailored to any type of practice, from general dentists to endodontists to orthodontists to oral surgeons. Vatech’s PaX-Flex3D system, for example, has up to eight configurations, and includes digital panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT scanning options. “Our philosophy at Vatech is that flexibility is key, and we are thrilled to be able to provide so many options for the clinicians who use our products,” says Harrison. Vatech’s 3-D imaging devices, he explains, provide clinicians with field-of-view options ranging from 5 x 5 inches to 15 x 15 inches. The company’s one-shot cephalometric technology, he adds, can produce high-definition images with low radiation output and a short capture time. Digital radiography technology from Vatech is also built for upgradability, so clinicians can easily further supplement their digital radiography capabilities as new software and add-ons are developed.

Beyond enhancing clinicians’ diagnostic capabilities, says Harrison, digital radiography enables them to improve their dental office workflow. “Since radiographs taken digitally are instantaneous, diagnosis time is significantly reduced,” he says, adding that digital radiographs are also easier to manage when it comes to billing patients and working with insurance companies. “With film-based radiographs, clinicians and their staffs need to mount the films and scan them to send them out for insurance claims, while digital radiographs can simply be attached to an e-mail, saving the practice valuable time that could be spent with patients.”

Harrison points out that traditional, film-based radiographs are not only more time-consuming than digital radiographs, they also require more space, as clinicians who work with film require a dark room and film processors. Those who use digital radiography need only the device and a computer. “Digital radiography definitely represents a leap forward in space management,” says Harrison.

According to Harrison, Vatech is invested in ensuring that the clinicians who use their digital radiography products are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the technology. “We have a unique, multi-tiered education program that does not end after the initial training period. We maintain open communication with our clinicians so that they can consult with us as they encounter different kinds of cases,” he explains, adding that Vatech also provides a support network to aid clinicians with technical issues. “Our support system is multifaceted and well-rounded, and it is our goal to take care of our clients,” he says.

Harrison predicts that the future of digital radiography will be closely tied to 3-D imaging. “I think that blending digital radiography and 3-D radiography will provide clinicians with more precise tools to meet their diagnostic needs,” he says. He also believes that as the technology continues to improve, clinicians using digital radiography will face fewer limitations as the equipment becomes smaller and more mobile, with many systems having wireless capabilities. Vatech is also exploring the option of incorporating cloud computing into its digital radiography offerings, Harrison adds. “New technology allows clinicians to work faster, better, and more efficiently,” he says. “I think the sky’s the limit for Vatech.”

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