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February 2012
Volume 33, Issue 2

Schick Offers Modular Digital Radiography Technology

Investing heavily in research and development, Schick Technologies has been designing and manufacturing digital radiography equipment since 1992. By consistently improving upon existing technology and developing innovations that drive dental imaging forward, Schick’s sharp focus on dental imaging has led the company to create a wide variety of digital radiography devices. Jack Connelly, Schick’s Vice President of Marketing, considers one of Schick’s greatest strengths to be the flexibility it is able to offer clinicians who are outfitting their practices with digital radiography devices.

“Every practice has unique requirements, and we have a product offering to fit every one of them,” says Connelly, who describes Schick’s digital radiography product line as “modular,” thus allowing clinicians to “pick and choose the appropriate technology for their practices, right down to which devices go best in which room.” Connelly says that some of Schick’s digital radiography devices are USB-supported, making them better suited for permanent placement in a specific area of the dental office, while those that are Wi-Fi-supported can be moved around the office to wherever the clinician needs them. “The flexibility we offer is just outstanding, and I believe that clinicians can use that flexibility to reap the many benefits of digital radiography,” he adds.

According to Connelly, there are a number of advantages to working with digital radiography compared to film-based radiographs. “Image quality is far superior, and clinicians are able to see their radiographs instantly,” he says. “Using first-rate images allows for enhanced diagnosis of dental issues, because the clinician is able to zoom in on problem areas or utilize a variety of imaging tools.” He further explains that digital radiography devices also are easy to use, with many devices functioning like “point and shoot” cameras; beyond the ease of use and enhanced imagery, digital radiography allows clinicians to better keep track of their dental records. “Automatically, when a clinician takes a picture using digital radiography, that picture is logged and forever associated with the patient in their electronic dental records,” says Connelly.

Connelly stresses his belief that digital radiography is not the future of dentistry; it is the present. “Film is dead. If you take a random group of people at a sporting event or a high school graduation, not one of them will be taking pictures with traditional film. Everyone will have a digital camera. It should be the same with dental imaging,” he says. Connelly notes that traditional radiographs can be more dangerous than digital radiography, because they generate more radiation, while exposing patients and dental professionals to hazardous chemicals on a daily basis.

Schick Technologies is also committed to ensuring that clinicians are using digital radiography technology with innovative features. “Schick is not a one-way organization,” says Connelly, “We don’t just create technology, we listen to our customers and get feedback. We create products that meet the demands of the dental industry.”

Looking to meet client needs every way that they can, Schick Technologies has an extensive support system for clinicians who use their products. “We offer absolutely first-class resources for our customers with the support of our exclusive partner, Patterson Dental Supply,” says Connelly. Schick products are supported through the Patterson Technology Center (PTC), a dedicated dental technology support infrastructure that supports over 50,000 customers nationwide with a goal to resolve any situation in one call. In addition to the state-of-the-art PTC, onsite support is provided by the local Patterson branch. “It is our goal to make sure our customers can take digital radiographs on every patient, every day,” says Connelly.

Connelly sees a bright future for digital radiography, and is confident that every practicing dental professional will be using the technology within in the next 5 years. “Every year there are new innovations, giving clinicians various options to customize their radiography needs through digital means,” he says.

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