September 2011
Volume 32, Issue 7

Intra-Lock: "Biologically Driven" Implant Systems

Dr. Thierry Giorno, President and Director of R&D of Intra-Lock International, Inc., describes the company as one that is dedicated to developing and manufacturing "biologically driven implant systems based upon sound scientific principles and clinical evidence."

According to Giorno, more than a decade ago, it became evident to Intra-Lock that other dental implant companies had evolved into corporate entities that had "placed emphasis on marketing as their primary strategy." Rather than go that route, Intra-Lock opted to reinvest the vast majority of its revenues into research and development. This was admittedly a corporate risk, but Giorno notes, "the dentists, scientists, and engineers who founded Intra-Lock were deeply committed to this ethic."

"Intra-Lock believes parameters for success in oral implantology measured solely by an implant's ability to integrate are becoming obsolete," Giorno says. He believes that increasing the efficiency of the initial biologic interactions in the osteotomy, enhancing the immediate stability of the implant, enabling faster integration, shortening the time to final reconstruction, and the long-term preservation of bone and soft tissues are the new parameters by which all systems will now be measured. Intra-Lock's implants are specifically designed to address all of these factors and interactions.

He notes that in order to achieve these goals, the company's product development program is based upon three fundamental pillars. "These consist of surface treatment, micro and macro architectural designs, and a full range of scientifically engineered restorative components."

The first step, he says, was to create an implant surface that took "osseointegration to the next level." The result was OSSEAN®. "A significant factor in its development was to induce predictable stability during the early dental implant treatment phase," he says. Described in the scientific literature as a major advance in bioactive surface technology, OSSEAN is characterized by a fractal surface structure. It has an extremely hydrophilic surface that is impregnated with calcium phosphate molecules (more than a thousand times smaller than nano particles). Due to this molecular impregnation, binding forces make the calcium phosphate exceptionally stable while preserving its bioactive properties. The literature further indicates that this bioactive complex dramatically increases the body's natural healing response by causing the surrounding bone to minimize the wound-healing (catabolic) phase and proceed directly to the bone growth (anabolic) phase. The significance of this physiologic response is that osteogenesis begins from day one.

As for implant selection, Giorno says, "Intra-Lock takes justifiable pride in the fact that it offers a truly comprehensive array of implant systems that range from 2 mm to 6 mm in diameter." According to product literature, "Intra-Lock's selection includes a full spectrum of advanced architectures designed to meet the most challenging implant reconstructions, from removable overdentures to the most complex fixed restorations." Both MDL® 2.0 and 2.5 and MILO® 3.0 small-diameter implant systems feature Cement-Over™ Abutments that provide the clinician with an exceptional range of prosthetic options.

The Internal Implant System, with diameters from 3.4 mm to 6 mm, utilizes InDex™, a proprietary, clinically proven ferrule connection. It is designed to create a superior antimicrobial seal by significantly reducing micro leakage and micro movement of the abutment. A retaining screw with an enhanced microscopic surface reduces screw loosening and ensures the ultimate compressive clamping force that holds the components together. Along with a full range of prosthetic options, the Internal System includes the FlatOne®, ideal for full arch reconstructions. It allows for a metal framework that offers rigidity and a perfectly passive fit. Teeth emerge from soft tissues with natural profile, keeping embrasures and natural esthetics. Giorno states that "screw-retained dentures should be regarded as a concept of the past." All Intra-Lock® Dental Implants are enhanced by Drive-Lock™ delivery technology for chairside ergonomics and efficient placement.

The company's latest introduction, BLOSSOM™, features what Giorno calls "a new and innovative technology" that he predicts, "will change the dynamics of self-tapping implants." It differs from conventional self-tapping implants that were simply implants augmented with a tapping portion. Intra-Lock felt this was not the optimum configuration. Instead, Blossom is a fully integrated tapping configuration located along the entire body of the implant. It is designed to eliminate the high compressive forces that build up when conventional tapping segments become clogged with bone debris, which unnecessarily increases insertion torque. In contrast, an implant with the BLOSSOM self-tapping feature continually cuts through the bone with increased efficiency and minimal insertion torque. BLOSSOM technology is currently available on selected Intra-Lock implants.

Giorno concludes that Intra-Lock's implant systems specifically address the mechanical and physiologic interactions of implants and bone with advantageous biologic consequences. "Everything we do, even our marketing slogan—"Better Ideas"—is based upon not accepting the status quo. We do this by utilizing of the latest advances in biotechnology."

From the prosthetic platform to the apical end, Intra-Lock Dental Implant System's advanced bioactive surface, ergonomics, implant architectures, and exceptional abutment stability provide a total solution for the discerning implant specialist, notes Giorno.

Given its innovative ideas, Intra-Lock is certainly a company to watch as implant dentistry continues to grow in popularity.

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