September 2011
Volume 32, Issue 7

Implant Direct Sybron: Helping Make Implants a Practical Solution

Special Report

Asked about the advances that have contributed to the widespread use of implants, Gerald Niznick, DMD, MSD, President and CEO of Implant Direct Sybron International (IDSI), points to the proven success and greater affordability of implants made of innovative designs and placed using simplified surgical procedures. "Clinical research has unequivocally proven the high long-term success rate of titanium self-tapping screw implants with roughened surfaces and internal connections. With simplified surgical procedures, versatile prosthetic applications, and the price-point shift to implants offering value-added pricing and packaging, the benefits of osseointegrated implants are now within the reach of the general public," he says.

Niznick expects the trend of single-tooth replacement to grow as the benefits of implants become even more widely realized by the media-educated public. "More general practitioners are realizing the benefits to patients of placing an implant at the time a tooth is removed. Immediate implant placement in an extraction socket is too simple, predictable, and profitable to be ignored as being part of conventional dental therapy." He adds that sophisticated image-guided treatment planning and surgical procedures are well-suited for placing multiple implants but generally unnecessary for the majority of applications, which are single-tooth replacements or a few implants in the edentulous symphysis.

Niznick is encouraged by the growing recognition that implants are considered by patients as the natural tooth replacement. "The American College of Prosthodontists recognizes the placement of at least two free-standing implants retaining an overdenture as minimum standard of care. This was first documented in the literature three decades ago (Niznick G. The Core-Vent implant system. J Oral Implantol. 1982;10[3]:379-418) and has been made even more practical with the introduction of one-piece implants like our GoDirect™ with a Zest LOCATOR®-compatible platform and internal threads to allow conversion to a two-piece implant if the treatment plan eventually changes to add more implants for a completely implant-supported prosthesis."

IDSI offers a broad line of implants and abutments, some with surgical and prosthetic compatibility with other popular implant systems. "IDSI offers appropriately priced implants with All-in-1 Packaging for added value. Our implants incorporate a number of patented features such as microthreads in combination with double-lead body threads for faster insertion and one-piece implants with a multi-unit prosthetic platform for bar overdentures."

To support clinicians' use of implants in their practice, IDSI offers an extensive online library of 3-dimensional graphic videos explaining surgical and prosthetic procedures, plus online and telephone assistance. "We have 40 inside customer service and technical support representatives partnered with an extensive outside sales force so we can support our customers online, on the phone, or in their offices," says Niznick.

Looking ahead, Niznick says IDSI will be offering CAD-milled titanium bars and image-guided surgical templates by the end of 2011 and custom abutments for dentists and dental labs by 2012. To implement this plan, he says the company is currently undergoing a major expansion of its manufacturing capacity. "We're adding 18,000 square feet, which will allow us to add 28 screw machines to the 40 we now have operating 24/7." Additionally, the company is building a new 15,000-sq-ft packaging and shipping facility and a state-of-the-art training center in Las Vegas.

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