September 2011
Volume 32, Issue 7

Blue Sky Bio Combines Implant Innovation with Affordability

Implant and software manufacturer Blue Sky Bio has been on the dental implant radar for more than a decade, improving on existing implant technology and designing implants and instrumentation compatible with the most popular implant systems at cost-effective prices.

According to Sheldon Lerner, DMD, and Albert Zickmann, DDS, co-founders of the company, Blue Sky Bio's products and strategy include less expensive implants and instruments, free CT treatment planning software, and outstanding one-on-one support. The company's cutting-edge support system, says Lerner, allows for virtual "visits" and one-on-one visual discussion of parts and case treatment planning with an experienced clinician.

Blue Sky Bio differentiates itself by not only manufacturing high-quality implants and parts that are compatible with existing implant systems, they also innovate and streamline the systems from a clinician's point of view. The goal, says Lerner, is not merely to produce a generic implant or accessory for less cost, but to provide superior products that are easier to use and are designed for better interaction with the surrounding tissues and improved bone retention. "We look at the problems inherent in certain implant systems and try to remedy them while keeping our product compatible with the original system," Lerner explains.

The improvements go beyond making the systems less expensive and easier to use. Blue Sky Bio has also been developing new materials and a new implant surface. "We're now using fluoride-treated surface on our ActivFluor® Implants," says Lerner. "Studies suggest that the achieved nanotopography results in faster bone apposition and stronger early osseointegration.

While high-quality, low-cost implants and accessories that are compatible with current systems are one reason why Blue Sky Bio products are in demand, the level of support the company provides also sets it apart, according to Zickmann. "Talking one-on-one with clinicians and listening is key. We have the chance to offer support and at the same time learn how to improve and expand our product line to meet clinicians' needs," he says.

Zickmann adds that implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for edentulous patients, and Blue Sky Bio looks to make placing and restoring implants a simpler and less expensive option. "We are working closely with several dental laboratories to develop procedures and components that increase precision and simplify procedures for laboratories, clinicians, and ultimately patients."

"Our advanced one-on-one support system has been key to establishing relationships with laboratories and clinicians at the highest levels of expertise within the company. There is no need to escalate ideas or problems through many layers of support," says Zickmann. "We can rapidly spot trends and react quickly to them." Video conferencing allows clinicians to see whom they are speaking to, and screen-sharing technology allows a Blue Sky Bio staff member to easily interact with clinicians and their software.

In addition to exceptional support, Blue Sky Bio's CT treatment planning software is "feature rich" and available at no cost to any clinician, even if he or she has not purchased Blue Sky Bio products. "It's a great system," says Zickmann. "The software costs nothing, and the help costs nothing."

In the future, Blue Sky Bio will look to fill what it perceives to be a huge void in the implant dentistry field. Over the next year, the company will release custom abutment milling machinery that can be used in even the smallest dental labs, according to Lerner. "It's going to change the entire landscape of restorative implantology," he says. "Any lab will be able to produce a custom abutment in-house for roughly the same cost as a stock abutment, and will be able to do so quickly, affordably, and predictably. It will totally revolutionize implantology."

Blue Sky Bio, LLC

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