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Jul/Aug 2011
Volume 32, Issue 6

Philips Discus Dental Sees Prosperous Future for LED Curing Lights

Featuring an ergonomic design, the FLASHlite® line of cordless LED curing lights from Philips Discus Dental are rigorously tested and carefully constructed. The FLASHlite Magna is a powerful LED curing light, with three LED bulbs. The Magna has an 11-mm beam to cure a greater surface area and save chair time. It is compact and cordless, and has an advanced lithium-ion battery for hours of operation.

Clinicians are moving towards curing lights with improved ergonomics and portability such as the cordless, battery-powered FLASHlite units. In the past, battery-powered models had a reputation of not lasting long enough, or not providing enough power. Today’s batteries have moved past that obstacle. According to Michael Miyasaki, DDS, Vice President of Professional Relations and Advanced Education at Philips Discus Dental, “Many clinicians find that, once they’ve moved to a cordless light, it’s hard to go back. The newer battery-powered units are very durable, and can make it through an entire day of most procedures without needing to be recharged.”

Philips Discus Dental Product Manager Phillip Pasit says, “There are competitors out there who are using interchangeable AA batteries you can get at the local store, and that is definitely a concern because, as you use the light, you want to make sure you’re using fresh batteries all the time. Our lights are rechargeable, and they’re lithium ion, so they maintain that consistent output.” In addition, Magna cures at 3.9mm and delivers 180 ten-second cures.

The FLASHlite series uses LED technology, which has better power than the older generation plasma arc lights, as well as a broader spectrum than laser curing lights. “The LEDs are the best of both worlds,” Miyasaki says, “You have the great battery-powered output, so they’re cordless, very ergonomic, and portable. Really, the LED has surpassed all the other lights. The plasma arc was a great light, it had lots of power, but the LEDs now even surpass the milliwatt output of the plasma arc. The wavelength has a broader spectrum so we don’t see the problems in curing all the different materials like we once had with the lasers. We don’t have the bulb degradation, because LEDs last so much longer than the halogen. All of the challenges that we had before, the LED lights have provided a solution to them.”

Kate Wolstenholme, Senior Product Manager, agrees. “LEDs have really surpassed anything that we could expect from laser technology, at least at this time,” she explains. “Laser technology will continue to be more expensive than LED, and we continue to be challenged by the wavelength issues, which are not a concern with LED technology.”

Philips Discus Dental’s curing lights have a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a 2-year warranty. The FLASHlite curing lights are focused around simplicity, and are intuitive to operate. “However, for those customers that need assistance, a sales person can visit the office to answer any questions the clinician may have,” Pasit says. “We also have an excellent customer service team that is able to field many questions. As a last line of defense, if the question still can’t be answered, our curing lights are engineered and manufactured here in the United States, so customer service can always reach out to the product manager or the engineering team, and we can get answers straight from the source.”

Philips Discus Dental is an education-focused company with a promising future in dental products, according to Wolstenholme. “We are fortunate to be in an industry that continues to see growth year after year on a global scale, and especially in an industry that’s really striving to improve patient experience and improve the health and well being of patients and staff,” she says. “We’re a Philips company, Philips Discus Dental, and we are committed to being in the curing light business, as well as developing products that are about simplicity. So we’re looking forward to a bright and innovative future in curing lights and restorative impression.”

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