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March 2011
Volume 32, Issue 2

New Solvent-Free Adhesive from Pentron Clinical

Self-etch adhesives have had a positive impact on restorative dentistry, providing more options to clinicians and helping to relieve technique issues sometimes associated with total-etch techniques. "Self-etch adhesives certainly have their place in the market," says Adrienne Collins, product manager. "They make procedures easier for the clinician, help relieve postoperative sensitivity for the patient, and are often used for different procedures than the classic total-etch products."

However, even as more self-etch systems are being introduced to the market, companies continue to update their total-etch systems, knowing that these products still have a fundamental role in the modern dental practice. "Total-etch is tried and true," Collins explains. "Some clinicians may never adopt the self-etch techniques. We believe a large percentage of the market now uses both self-etch and total-etch—both products have their place."

Pentron offers a full line of total-etch and self-etch adhesive products—which now includes Bond-1® SF Solvent-Free SE, a light-cure, one-coat, self-etch adhesive. Bond-1 SF uses 4-Met technology to adhere to dentin and enamel without the use of acetone, alcohol or water, while providing super bond strengths to both. "We sometimes refer to Bond-1 SF as eighth generation, as it is so different than anything else currently on the market," Collins says. "It is very unique and easy to use, and has been a great success."

Pentron developed Bond-1 SF as a truly innovative product by removing the solvent found in most other adhesives on the market today, while preserving the high bond strengths associated with total-etch bonding agents. "The advantages of being solvent-free are that it protects against sensitivity, eliminates common technique-sensitive issues such as under- and over-drying, and prevents evaporation," Collins explains. Solvent-free also means no air drying, which saves the clinician valuable chairtime and takes the guesswork of "how dry is too dry?" out of the procedure.

"Pentron is very customer-service oriented—we always have been," Collins says. "It’s a company-wide initiative that the customer is first and foremost. Not only do we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, but we always concentrate on making sure that that technology applies to what the dentist or the office staff actually needs and wants."

To keep clinicians informed on these advances, Pentron hosts monthly webinars, many based on the adhesive technologies and products that are offered by the company. "We also recently launched our new website, fully integrating all of our clinical studies, product videos, and webinars so they are at the fingertips of all clinicians," Collins says. "Of course, they can call our technical support people with product or technique questions."

Collins says customers will see continuing improvements in the company’s adhesive product line. "We will continue to do all we can to make procedures easier, while providing the best results for both the patient and the clinician," she says. "Pentron has always been an innovator—we’ve had some very successful firsts in the dental market. Now, with B1SF, we are the first to have a solvent-free bonding agent, which has been very exciting. Being truly innovative while concentrating on the needs of the customer—that’s what is really important to us."

Pentron Clinical

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