Jan/Feb 2011
Volume 32, Issue 1

Innovative Technologies Enhance Septodont Products

Major advances impacting today’s dental restorations include "the smaller particle size composites—the nanofillers," says Cass Campbell, product manager of the Materials Division at Septodont. "These translate into better esthetics, which means controlling color, translucency, polishability, and long-term luster—features that have evolved over generations of composites. In addition, we are seeing improved physical properties—composites with different chemistries that contribute to lower shrinkage and low shrinkage stresses, which equates into better stability. Everyone is touting that their product has lower shrinkage stress."

As an example of these new technologies, Campbell points to the clinical success of Septodont’s N’Durance®, a low-shrinkage nanohybrid universal composite. "We combined our revolutionary dimer-acid resin system with an optimized filler combination—we call this nano-dimer conversion technology." N’Durance demonstrates physical and mechanical properties that make it an effective restorative material for both anterior and posterior restorations, and it is available in a large variety of shades to cover any clinical situation.

In composite restorations, polymerization shrinkage and stress can lead to leakage at the interface with the tooth and generate recurrent decay. "N’Durance shows extremely low-volume shrinkage and shrinkage stress," Campbell says. The innovative combination of fillers in this system gives the composite a high radiopacity similar to amalgam, as well as good polishing and outstanding mechanical properties for long-lasting restorations.

Another important feature of N’Durance is its high intraoral conversion rate, which helps to maintain its strength and increase its biocompatibility. In addition, the composite is hydrophobic, which results in high stain resistance, color stability, and durability—a great benefit to clinicians.

Easily integrated into a practice, N’Durance is completely compatible with any commonly used dentin/enamel bonding system. The dentist has the choice of any adhesive to use, whether a total-etch or self-etch bonding procedure.

One of the advantages of N’Durance is that it is a simple system. The selection of Vita shades is not overwhelming; there are 16 shades plus universal opaque, bleach white, and translucent. This makes it easy for the clinician to select the proper tooth shade for both the anterior and posterior without jeopardizing esthetics or time-consuming layering.

Septodont has been very fortunate in its reception of its restorative division. Since we launched N’Durance in early 2008, clinicians have taken a hard look at our company and now see us for a quality manufacturer of not just pharmaceuticals, but also great restorative materials such as our N’Durance Universal and N’Durance Dimer Flow Flowable Composite.

According to Campbell, Septodont believes that new sciences and technologies are the future in composites. The dental patient is no longer comfortable with a smile that shows amalgam restorations—they are choosing a natural look, they are choosing composites. N’Durance composite’s unique science adds to the longevity of the restoration because of its extremely high conversion from monomers to polymers. This means that it will remain durable and long lasting for years.

With its long history engaged in the dental industry, the company is very aware of issues impacting its customers. Founded in 1932, Septodont currently employs over 1,000 people worldwide. The organization includes six manufacturing plants and an international distribution network dedicated to serving the needs of dental professionals in more than 150 countries. For the development of new products, Septodont relies on its four R&D "Centers of Expertise" located throughout North America and Europe. "We work with key opinion leaders and doctors around the world before allowing a product into the marketplace," Campbell says. "We make the product based on what the customers ask for with respect to the properties and handling characteristics."

The company’s vision for the future is to continue to invest in solid research and development in all aspects of its core competencies—pharmaceuticals and restorative materials so that our vision to enhance oral healthcare is achieved.


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