Jan/Feb 2011
Volume 32, Issue 1

A New Era of Composites from Pentron Clinical

In the last few years, there have been a number of exciting improvements in composite technology. "One important breakthrough—which is really cutting-edge—is the advancement in self-adhesion," says Jeremy Grondzik, product manager for Pentron Clinical. "That technology is now starting to break through into general restorative materials. Last year, Pentron Clinical was the first company to introduce a self-adhesive flowable composite, called Fusio™ Liquid Dentin."

"Fusio Liquid Dentin is the direct result of really listening to the feedback of our customers. This product was a first to the dental profession: a self-adhesive flowable composite that has virtually all of the indications for use as a traditional flowable composite, but it bonds to dentin and enamel without the need for etching, priming, or bonding."

To meet the diverse needs of its customers, Pentron Clinical provides a very broad platform of six different composites, Grondzik says. "We have a dedicated posterior restorative material called Alert® Condensable, which is designed to have the handling properties of amalgam, but it is an esthetic, tooth-colored material. In addition, we have two all-purpose nano-hybrid composites. Simile® Nano-Hybrid composite, which is keyed to the VITA® Shade Guide, is designed for clinicians who are looking for a very simple, single-shade approach to doing direct composite restorations. Each shade is designed to have a chameleon effect, in which one shade can adequately blend into the tooth.

"Next there is our more high-end composite system, Artiste® Nano Composite, which is designed for direct veneers and also for anterior and posterior use. It is also keyed to the VITA Shade Guide, but there is also an enamel layer. This system is based on a three-opacity concept to restoring teeth. The Dentin/Bodies and the Enamels that are the foundation for Artiste function effectively to re-create the optics of the primary components of natural dentition, both in dentin and enamel. A simplified nomenclature takes all the guesswork out of choosing materials and shades, providing the ability to create beautiful Results simply by layering the proper opacities."

On the flowable composite side, Pentron Clinical offers three different products to round out its portfolio. The first, Flow-It®, is a microhybrid composite available in 26 shades. "It is a very universal material, with a wide range of indications," Grondzik says. The second is Artiste® Flow, a flowable nanocomposite. "This is more of a high-end flowable composite for restoring Class Vs, and for placing on the exterior for restorative purposes. And last—but definitely not least—is our newest flowable composite, Fusio Liquid Dentin, which I spoke about earlier."

Building on this foundation of distinctive products, the company continues working closely with dentists in its R&D efforts to provide the next generation of composite materials. "Our mission is to listen to our customers," Grondzik says. "We always invite them to provide us with ideas for new products. We also rely on them to give us feedback on existing products. Our direction is truly guided by what products and solutions our customers want."

Pentron Clinical

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