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Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 31, Issue 9

Performance and Value from MTI Dental

Dentistry has come a long way since practitioners used belt-driven, slow-speed handpieces for all treatments. "In the past 50 years, we've seen many innovations leading to increased efficiencies and greater patient comfort," says Haye Hinrichs, MTI Dental President. "Increased speed and torque have resulted in better clinical outcomes and reduced pain." In addition, new manufacturing techniques—along with lighter, more durable materials and enhanced designs—have greatly improved ergonomics.

Advances have also been made with the introduction of electric-driven handpieces that cut at virtually constant speed despite the load, as well as with the use of LED illumination to improve visibility of the treatment site. Other developments such as ceramic, lube-free bearings have reduced noise, prolonged product lifespan, and decreased the need for required maintenance of air-driven handpieces. "The inventiveness of dentists and the new clinical techniques continue to challenge dental manufacturers' ingenuity," Hinrichs notes. "When we receive customer feedback, as a manufacturer we can actually do something with that information. We sit down with our designers and engineers, make some changes—often very subtle ones—and then make prototypes and have them evaluated by customers. This process often leads to meaningful product improvements and sometimes even to a new line of equipment."

MTI Dental is recognized for its exceptional "workhorse" products, which deliver a unique combination of performance and value. "The advantage of an MTI handpiece is in its simple and robust construction, with features that our customers actually use," Hinrichs says. "With our 25 years of in-house expertise, we maintain disciplined control of our quality and our manufacturing costs.

"We take pride in the fact that some of our customers have used the same handpiece for more than 10 years. However, every handpiece will eventually require repairs because of rigorous sterilization." Because repairs are time-sensitive for a dental practice, MTI provides quick turn-around by qualified and experienced technicians. "We guarantee to get it fixed the first time," says Hinrichs. "And in the meantime, if the customer needs a loaner, we'll have one to them by the next morning."

MTI Dental is dedicated to practicing a level of customer care that surpasses industry standards. "The benefit of being a smaller operation is that we know our customers. They call in and talk to the same customer service people—it's a direct relationship," Hinrichs says. "Working with our valued customers, in their interests, is critical to building and maintaining trust."

Hinrichs adds, "It's an exciting time to see MTI Dental grow and our handpiece line evolve. We're passionate about designing, manufacturing and selling quality devices and accessories that our customers can rely on." The company's development process focuses on observing the uses of technology in a practical environment with the goal of improving efficiency and quality. "We'll be introducing products to expand and complete our portfolio of handpieces, so that customers can come to us for most of their needs. It's a constant process as we explore new materials and designs." As an example, MTI's new comprehensive "tool kit" will include smaller and quieter air motor designs, as well as electric-driven handpieces.

MTI prides itself on not having its customers waste money on products and features that sound impressive but end up sitting on a shelf. "We believe in meaningful, no-nonsense technologies that have been proven to help dental practitioners, so they can count on excellent performance for years to come," says Hinrichs. "But it won't matter much to our customers unless these products are also

reasonably priced and practical to maintain. Our focus on relevant and affordable dental technologies reflects the vision of our team. And our commitment to take customer care to a higher level is what truly makes us different."

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