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Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 31, Issue 9

KaVo's Handpieces Offer Dental Excellence Through Innovation


In the past decade, "the technology of handpieces has made tremendous progress," says Amod A. Kher, North American Product Manager. "The handpiece has evolved from a simple hand tool to a precision cutting instrument. We've seen major advances in cutting performance, lower noise levels, oral access, ergonomics, and power. All these innovations have helped to increase the efficiency of dentists' clinical practices. In addition, patient comfort has improved because treatment is quieter and faster."

KaVo's COMFORTdrive® offers a glimpse into the future of handpiece technology. "COMFORTdrive appeals to clinicians who prefer an air handpiece with light weight and ergonomics, as well as to practitioners who appreciate an electric handpiece for its precision cutting and quieter sound," Kher says. "COMFORTdrive offers a blend of optimal performance and superior ergonomics, with whisper-quiet operation, making it the most innovative high-speed available."

The company's GENTLEpower® attachments and exchangeable application heads offer procedure diversity for general dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists. "With these options, clinicians don't need to buy multiple handpieces," Kher says. "Just a few attachments coupled with the e-motor can help them perform a multitude of oral procedures."

Kher explains that maintenance is key to ensuring that handpieces run smoothly for a long time, thus delivering a high return on investment. "With the power of dental innovation comes responsibility, and KaVo understands that maintenance and eventual repairs are key to protecting the investment dentists make in our products," he says. "We offer a manual maintenance method using KaVo spray, as well as an automatic maintenance system." In addition, when a dentist purchases the automatic handpiece system, the company offers an extended warranty on its top-of-the-line handpieces. For repairs, the handy KaVo Repair box is available for quickly sending the handpiece to the company.

According to Kher, the continuing developments in operatory delivery systems have had a significant impact on handpiece technology. "The new advanced delivery systems now have built-in single and dual electric motors to drive electric attachments," he explains. "This advancement in operatory delivery systems has led to an increased adoption of electric handpieces. Delivery systems with built-in display units provide dentists with easy access to speed control and functionality of the handpiece."

KaVo is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technological advances. "We're really relentless in our pursuit of dental excellence through innovation," Kher says. "Our primary focus is on the cutting performance and power of the handpiece, and we have not sacrificed any other essential features—such as superior ergonomics and low noise level—to achieve this performance. Dentists can now try KaVo's award-winning handpieces for free by going online at Dentists can expect the next generation of KaVo handpieces to continue to demonstrate uncompromised quality and functionality."

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