Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 31, Issue 9

From the Guest Editor

Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC

Dear Readers,
Nature can be mimicked but never duplicated. Obtaining the esthetics and functionality of natural teeth is an endeavor we pursue continually; we do not deviate in our drive and commitment. Dental products come closer and closer to helping us achieve—and maintain—that ideal esthetic outcome for our patients.

Both the profession and the industry are successfully addressing the increased patient demands for enhanced esthetics and performance. The clinical side of dentistry is embracing comprehensive diagnostic evaluations to ensure the most appropriate and conservative treatment plan to satisfy patient needs. Simultaneously, the manufacturing and laboratory components of dentistry have expanded the indirect materials options available to satisfy these clinical demands. This is particularly evident in the evolution of ceramic materials and the fabrication techniques used to create esthetic metal-free restorations.

This special thematic issue focuses on ceramics because of the growing need for dentists to be aware of the complex nature of these materials and the ever-expanding choices available to them. Understanding the differences and appropriate uses for each product is key for ensuring that every patient receives the best treatment possible. In order to remain current with this changing technology of ceramics, we need to identify and incorporate practical, evidence-based knowledge from authoritative sources.

I am pleased be the guest editor of this issue of Compendium and to present to you articles from some of the key thought leaders on dental ceramics. We designed these pieces to help you gain deeper insight, apply some of these tips to your practice today, and build your knowledge base.

I want to thank Dr. Russell Giordano, Dr. Brian LeSage, Dr. Dennis Fasbinder, Dr. Carlos Eduardo Sabrosa, Mr. Lee Culp, and Dr. Yair Whiteman for graciously lending their expertise and insight to Compendium readers. Their contributions have made it possible to compile an issue that easily conveys essential concepts, techniques, and background. The articles we have developed cover a wide range of materials, including feldspathic porcelain, zirconia, and lithium disilicate.

I hope you will find this issue to be beneficial to your professional development.


Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC

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