Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 31, Issue 9

From the Co-Editor

John C. Kois, DMD, MSD

Dear Readers,
Restorative dentistry can be traced back thousands of years; however, it has only been in recent decades that patient demand for better esthetics has surged, increasing the need for expert techniques and advanced materials. The technological innovations of dental ceramic materials have played an integral role in answering that call. Now, dentists are confronting complex cases with myriad restorative options.

This is why Compendium has dedicated this issue to dental ceramics. We are pleased to have had internationally acclaimed lecturer and researcher Edward A. McLaren, DDS, serve as guest editor. He is director of the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry, as well as founder and director of the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dental Design.

For this issue, Dr. McLaren has gathered world-caliber clinicians to share their thoughts on dental ceramics. In the first continuing education (CE) article, Dr. McLaren worked with colleague Yair Whiteman, DMD, to provide a systematic process for treatment planning with ceramic materials. The article presents specific guidelines for using each material. In the other CE article, Russell Giordano, DMD, and Dr. McLaren use classification systems based on the microstructural components of ceramics and the processing techniques to help illustrate the various properties and uses.

In the first Case Report, Dr. Giordano and Carlos Eduardo Sabrosa, DScD, demonstrate the use of zirconia as a framework material. They note zirconia is capable of inhibiting crack growth and preventing catastrophic failure. In the second Case Report, Lee Culp, CDT, and Dr. McLaren discuss lithium disilicate, an innovative product that combines high strength, esthetics, and ease of use.

Dennis Fasbinder, DDS, explores restorative materials for use as chairside CAD/CAM restorations in the Practical Applications article.

Finally, the Review/Opinion article by Dr. McLaren and Brian LeSage, DDS, delves into feldspathic veneers and their indications. The recent years have seen a revival of the use of hand-layered powder/liquid feldspathic porcelain due to its highly esthetic quality and little-to-no preparation requirements.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Compendium. Please visit our website at http://www.compendiumlive.com for CE articles and other essential professional resources.


John C. Kois, DMD, MSD

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