September 2010
Volume 31, Issue 7

Premier’s High-Quality Products Designed Specifically for Implants

Improvements in implant design and materials have contributed to the recent increase in implant acceptance, says Jim DiMarino, DMD, MSEd, Manager of Clinical Product Development. “If placed correctly, dental implants have high success rates and can last a long time for patients who take care of them. Additionally, a growing number of insurance companies are adding implant coverage, which helps to make dental implants an increasingly viable option.”

Premier’s R&D is focusing on a wide range of consumable products designed specifically for implants, which have properties that differ from the anatomic tooth. “So by concentrating on those unique properties, we’re creating products that are going to work synergistically with the inherent properties of implants to provide the most predictable and successful results,” DiMarino explains.

For example, Premier® Implant Cement was designed specifically for implant-retained crowns. “It’s not a retrofitted cement that was altered or designed for a number of different procedures,” DiMarino says. “As a resin-based cement, it retains its properties longer, offering high strength and durability, with long-term performance that won’t wash out allowing PIC to be retrievable while remaining secure.Because there isn’t any chemical bonding, the crown can be removed later for retrieval or adjustments. There isn’t an integration between the implant and the crown—it’s more of a nice resin seal. As a polymer, it’s elastic, which gives it a cushion effect, allowing it to move and bend without loss of integrity.”

Another important feature is the ease of use. “It is a two-stage cure that offers an initial gel phase for the first 2.5 minutes for easy removal and access,” DiMarino says. “Then it has more rigid final set that ensures a good marginal seal and firmer tension. The delivery system is an auto-mix, dual-barrel syringe with disposable tips, which provides a consistent mix and better dispensing control.”

Premier’s other innovative, implant-friendly products include its PerioWise® periodontal probes, with slightly flexible, rounded tips that are safe to use around implants; and its Implant Scalers, which are made of a revolutionary graphite material engineered to be sharper, yet proven safe for use on titanium abutments. “Clinicians can safely scale soft titanium abutments with the confidence that they are removing retained plaque without harming or scratching the titanium,” DiMarino says.

For the future, Premier will “stay on target and develop other products that are in line with the success we’ve had to date,” DiMarino says. “We continue to be focused on quality control to make sure that our products hold up to the high standards that have been set in the last 90 plus years. At the same time, we’re also looking for similar high-quality products to carry us into the next 100 years. We’re very focused on technology—not just what’s new but also revolutionary ways that we can create to address common problems in dentistry.”

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