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September 2010
Volume 31, Issue 7

Nobel Biocare: Portrait of a Leader of Evidence-Based Restorative Dental Innovation

A Heritage of Innovation

Nobel Biocare is a world leader in evidence-based restorative and esthetic dental solutions, and has produced many innovations that have become industry standards.

The company’s scientific heritage is founded on more than 45 years of dental research that can be traced back to Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s discovery that titanium integrates with bone.

Nobel Biocare realized early on the importance of evidence-based innovation and established itself as the premium innovator and educator within the field of dental implants.

In the early 1980s, Nobel Biocare initiated the development of Procera®, a system that ultimately standardized dental prosthetic production by using computer-aided design and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) processes.

The latest generation of NobelProcera offers advanced innovative technology and an increased range of materials and products, which continues to position Nobel Biocare as the leader in innovative and esthetic CAD/CAM prosthetics.

In the late 1990s, the company developed TiUnite—a biomaterial that promotes rapid bone growth and faster osseointegration. Today, all Nobel Biocare dental implants feature this unique surface.

In 2005, Nobel Biocare launched NobelGuide—a unique treatment concept that combines diagnostics, planning and guided dental implant rehabilitations for increased predictability, patient comfort and superior esthetic results.

Today, Nobel Biocare continues its pursuit of science-based and clinically supported innovation through its expansive R&D network of researchers and strategic partnerships.

R&D with Supporting Clinical Evidence

From the beginning, Nobel Biocare has embraced science-based innovation and adhered to the highest scientific standards.

This focus has developed into an R&D philosophy empowering clinicians to improve their patients’ quality of life, by:

  • Developing innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of dental professionals and follow patients’ varying esthetic and functional demands;
  • Improving the patient treatment experience with optimized treatment paths leading to integrated solutions, and in doing so making the treatment process more efficient while limiting invasive approaches; and
  • Assuring and demonstrating the safety and efficacy of Nobel Biocare solutions through state-of-the-art design control processes, conducting comprehensive pre-clinical testing and developing clinical follow-up documentation.

Solutions for All Indications

Nobel Biocare pioneered the “full-solution provider” concept and currently offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions for treating everything from single crowns to full-arches, supported by existing teeth and/or dental implants.

The Nobel Biocare portfolio integrates prosthetics and implant solutions for temporary and permanent single- and multiple-unit restorations.

With the growing edentulous population in mind, Nobel Biocare offers effective implant-supported, fixed and removable full-arch overdentures solutions, such as All-on-4™ and NobelProcera Implant Bar Overdenture.

Prosthetics for Treatment Success

For maximum treatment flexibility, Nobel Biocare produces CAD/CAM individualized (NobelProcera) and standardized components for supporting all its temporary and final solutions.

NobelProcera solutions are state-of-the-art and have revolutionized esthetic dentistry. They are the ultimate “wow-factor” for today’s discriminating esthetic restorative dental practice.
-- Paul S. Apfel, DDS, Huntington, New York

Dental prosthetics are produced from a wide range of biocompatible materials, including temporary acrylic, dental ceramics (alumina and zirconia), and base metal alloy cobalt chromium and titanium.

Implants for Every Treatment Concept

Nobel Biocare produces its implants from proprietary, cold-worked, commercially pure titanium that is one of the strongest and most biocompatible implant materials on the market. The company’s implants have been designed for all bone types and clinical situations, including immediate, early or delayed loading, as well as one- and two-stage surgical protocols.

Highlights of the implant portfolio are:


This slightly tapered implant uses parallel-walled drilling protocols for site preparation.

It is designated for advanced users and, of its many unique features, delivers exceptional initial stability in extraction sockets and soft bone indications.

NobelActive marked the company’s most successful product launch to date.

I highly recommend NobelActive for immediate placement, anterior indications, soft bone, and as a “rescue” implant.
-- John Wesley (Wes) Emison, MD, DDS, San Jose, California

NobelReplace Tapered Groovy

This tapered implant delivers optimal initial stability in soft and hard bone, one- and two-stage surgical, and immediate temporization procedures.

It features predictable, step-by-step treatment protocols, making it an ideal system to begin and grow an implant practice.

NobelReplace Tapered Groovy is one of the most used implant systems in the world.

Brånemark System®

This parallel-walled implant is appropriate for treating almost all indications but is particularly effective in medium to dense bone.

It is an evolution of the implant system originally developed by PI Brånemark and one of the most versatile implant systems in the Nobel Biocare portfolio.

Brånemark System is one of the few implants still available that is backed by over 20 years of clinical documentation, supporting long-term clinical efficacy and safety.

Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Minimally Invasive Surgery

To maximize the effectiveness and safety of dental implant therapy, as well as increase patient comfort and convenience, Nobel Biocare launched its digital dentistry concept— NobelGuide.

With NobelGuide and 3D digital x-ray information, dental professionals are able to diagnose, plan, and perform dental implant rehabilitations with increased predictability, patient comfort, and superior esthetic results.

Because diagnostics, treatment planning, and prosthetic considerations are dealt with prior to surgery, safer and less invasive surgeries are the results, which help reduce patient pain and swelling, and shorten healing times.

A Global Service and Support Network

Completing the package, Nobel Biocare supports its dental professional partners and their patients with a global network of specialists and services. This network includes:

  • World-renowned training courses and educational events that provide the skills needed for optimizing dental practices or laboratories;
  • Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week online ordering of Nobel Biocare products and solutions through its Shop Online; and
  • Comprehensive literature, ranging from informative to instructional and including patient literature to assist clinicians in communicating with the ultimate benefactor Nobel Biocare solutions.


For more than 45 years, Nobel Biocare has been defining and refining itself as a restorative and esthetics dentistry innovator.

The company has, during this time, developed a vast products and solutions portfolio, which has elevated the standards of care dental patients receive worldwide.

Nobel Biocare USA, LLC
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