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September 2010
Volume 31, Issue 7

Astra Tech Products Respond to Patient Needs

According to Craig Rodriguez, Vice President of Mar- keting for North America, Astra Tech products are are developed based on “…what we call outside–in thinking. This means that we develop our products and services in response to the needs of the clinicians and to the understanding of what patients expect out of their treatment outcomes. We make all efforts to have the most knowledgeable and customer-focused sales representatives and employees who are committed to partnering with our customers. The bottom line is that people buy from people.”

In today’s oral healthcare environment, solutions to these needs are constantly changing as technology develops. “For example, simplicity has become a key consideration for most clinicians,” says Rodriguez. “Companies are continuing to look for ways to decrease patient chairtime and the amount of time required for overall implant treatment, including immediate loading and immediate restoration options.”

In addition, Rodriguez notes digital technology is supporting one of the fastest growing areas of implant dentistry today: CAD/CAM abutments. “At Astra Tech, we are leveraging this technology to produce patient-specific Atlantis™ Abutments to meet each individual patient’s need. Atlantis is available for the widest range of interfaces, including all major implant systems, which makes it an extremely flexible solution for cement-retained restorations.”

Astra Tech’s clinically proven implant system—available for more than 20 years—is a result of evolution, not revolution, Rodriguez says. “At the foundation of this continued evolution is the unique combination of four key features that work interdependently together. We call this the Astra Tech BioManagement Complex. Our OsseoSpeed™ surface, combined with MicroThread at the implant neck, our Conical Seal Design and Connective Contour, provides well-documented, excellent long-term results and unmatched marginal bone level maintenance.”

For Astra Tech, customer-focused employees and products of the highest quality are just the beginning. The company also offers extensive educational opportunities, with a significant part of this effort being carried out in partnership with top Universities across North America. “These educational institutions are leading the way in the development of the dental professionals of tomorrow. We believe it is our job to support them in their endeavors,” Rodriguez says. “In addition, it is critical that we are able to support our customers in their efforts to develop the implant-portion of their practices and laboratories. Examples of this include our full range of patient awareness and education collateral, which includes a patient education web site ( where dentists can direct their patients to learn about the benefit of implants. It is our collective responsibility to continue to support the education of implant patients on all the treatment solutions available to them, so that they can make informed decisions about their dental health.”

According to Rodriguez, “Providing products that allow for the most successful outcomes is really about having a true understanding of how to leverage technology, science, engineering, and biomechanics to all work together in harmony with nature. At the end, it all comes down to helping clinicians to provide the outcomes that their patients demand—and deserve.”

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