June 2010
Volume 31, Issue 5

“Dental Health & Treatment—Dental Cosmetics & Beauty”

Howard B. Marshall, DDS

Consumers attempt to increase their knowledge about many subjects. With that in mind, Dr. Howard Marshall has written a book on oral health specifically for the consumer. He very thoroughly discusses diseases of the oral cavity and how tissues behave when subjected to various irritants. The descriptions of dental caries and periodontal disease are well done and, being the two most common oral afflictions, are of major interest to the patient. To address the consequences of disease, he also presents the concept of treatment planning with various treatment options. These treatment choices are of significant value to the patient trying to decide on which regimen of therapy they should choose, particularly in complex cases. The text is comprehensive and of help to any individual or family wishing to prevent dental disease by embracing a program of proven preventive measures to avoid pathologic changes. In the area of prevention, the patient becomes a co-therapist in practicing good personal oral hygiene measures to avoid disease. Dentists and hygienists will appreciate this.

This book sets the standard for dental information to help the public, and is presented in an easy-to-read style. The book can be very helpful to dentists in guiding individuals and families through preventive techniques and into treatment plan acceptance. It is also an excellent review of methods of therapy available to both dentists and hygienists. There are ample photographs to illustrate the written material. It permits the consumer to get answers for questions they may have about oral health and treatment. It presents aspects of the oral–systemic link that emphasize the serious extraoral implications of oral pathology and periodontal disease, especially heart disease. It helps the layman in understanding the various specialties of dental medicine. General dentists could easily recommend or give this book to individuals or families under their care.

The dental field is grateful to Dr. Howard Marshall for recognizing the public need for this contribution to the literature at a time when consumers want to know more about the causes of their dental disease, and the best methods of treatment. If given to patients, it will deepen their appreciation for their dentist.

D. Walter Cohen, DDS
Professor Emeritus University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Editor’s Note: Dental Health & Treatment—Dental Cosmetics & Beauty is available at major bookstores, which will contact Authorhouse for delivery. Alternatively, it can be purchased directly at: http://www.authorhouse.com.

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