May 2010
Volume 31, Issue 4

DenMat: Complete Systems for Clinical Success

“It always starts with education,” says Cyrus Tahmasebi, DDS, FACD, Vice President of Clinical Education and Development. “The only way the clinician and the laboratory can work better together to choose the right restoration is if they are both educated about the options available for all possible treatment plans.”

According to Tahmasebi, “We educate more dentists than perhaps any other company on a minimally invasive approach to dentistry. In fact, any time there’s innovation and improvements in technology, we are right in the front lines of educating the dental community.”

DenMat is unique, offering a complete system to ensure success for the clinician. “We’re not only a manufacturer of products—we also have a lab that offers a whole array of solutions to the dentists, including our core product LUMINEERS®, which is a pioneer in thin veneers and minimally invasive dentistry,” Tahmasebi says. The company also provides solutions for crowns (such as the LUMINEERS 360º full-coverage crown), inlays, onlays, and traditional veneers, as well as traditional ceramic and nonceramic crowns.

“A complete range of quality esthetic, restorative, and diagnostic solutions is available through our LUMINEERS Smile Design Studio. We refer to it as the DenMat Smile Continuum and, in this context, we also educate clinicians on the advantages of choosing a certain restoration and when it is clinically most applicable. Then we offer them the restoration, along with the clinical products that are used to deliver that restoration.

“We also provide the appropriate tools, such as our Sapphire Plasma Arc Curing Light or our cutting-edge LUMItray™ technology. LUMItray delivers multiple units at the same time to make the life easier for the patient and the dentist—while ensuring greater success. We also have a process that most people are not familiar with, which we call CAD/CAP—a computer prints a digital wax-up of the restoration, such as a thin veneer, to an accuracy of microns. By printing that digital wax-up, we can communicate with the clinicians so that they can be engaged in the final design of their case.”

As Tahmasebi explains, minimally invasive dentistry is at the heart of everything DenMat does. “LUMINEERS was the first system in the world to promote the minimally invasive approach to veneers. We encourage, wherever possible, approaching a treatment plan with minimally invasive dentistry in mind, because now the technology and the materials are there to support that method. However, we understand that there may be cases that require preparation and more reduction. Even in those cases, with Cerinate®, we can provide a more esthetic solution for the dentist.”

DenMat Cerinate porcelain—which has been used in Lumineers—has a 20-year history of great success. “LUMINEERS has now been improved with our new Cerinate LUMINEERS II product, which is the strongest feldspathic porcelain, and the most translucent and gentle to the opposing teeth,” Tahmasebi says.

With the advent of high-strength copings such as zirconia, clinicians have the option of supragingival restorations. “There is a whole array of options now available to the dentist to approach a preparation of a tooth from a supragingival treatment plan,” Tahmasebi says. “Now the margins can be finished esthetically and do not need to be hidden below the gumline. We believe that the trend is going to be toward all-ceramic restorations, whether it is our LUMINEERS 360º crowns, the lithium disilicate solution where applicable, or zirconia all-ceramic restoration or veneer zirconia copings.”

Ultimately, of course, the treatment choice lies with the dentist. “They are the ones who need to take advantage of the available information and educate themselves about the options that allow them to deliver the best treatment plan to their patients,” Tahmasebi says. “At DenMat, we provide them with comprehensive educational solutions to learn about the new technologies and advancements available to them. Then they can make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s time to try something different. We provide not only weekly national courses, but also events where clinicians can actually play with the latest available technology. They can see firsthand the difference, read the studies evaluating these approaches, and learn more about the minimally invasive approach.”

For the future, DenMat will continue to be a pioneer in minimally invasive dentistry. “Our Research and Development team is constantly working to maintain the highest levels of esthetics in high-performance materials. We are also working on a unique project whereby we can use digital technology to deliver crowns without temporaries. I believe that that will be a big part of our future, as well. Our goal is to provide clinicians with the tools to ensure their success.”

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