March 2010
Volume 31, Issue 2

Parkell’s Smartemp and Tr-2 Offer Strength, Retention, and Convenience

As a market leader in dental products, Parkell is highly regarded for its willingness to engage its customers and respond to their suggestions. “Our products are continually evolving,” says Richard Goldman, DDS, FAGD, Parkell’s Vice President for Clinical Products. “We’re always trying to make them better for our customers.”

Goldman points to SmarTemp®, the company’s provisional cartridge composite, as an example. “SmarTemp actually went through several different evolutionary stages. After we first developed it, dentists told us they wanted more working time. In response, we adjusted the product’s chemistry, which created a ‘doughy’ stage. This allowed the dentist to work with it a little longer and remove the temp before it could lock on to the teeth.” However, Parkell did not stop there. “Next, we increased SmarTemp’s flexural strength by tweaking the filler.” As a result, SmarTemp is less likely than other temporary composites to crack, especially when initially removed from the mouth.

Cartridge-based SmarTemp is extremely easy to use, which enhances practice productivity by eliminating measuring and mixing. It creates a tough, durable restoration that exhibits excellent flexural strength. SmarTemp is also more radiopaque than many other leading brands.

Working alongside SmarTemp is Parkell’s TR-2 temporary resin cement. “TR-2 has a new polymer technology,” Goldman explains, “that’s formulated to provide strong retention to anterior and posterior preps, while providing the esthetics required for laminates and all-ceramic crowns. Its eugenol-free formula doesn’t leave a residue to interfere with later bonding procedures.”

The combination of these products offers significant convenience and speed at an unparalleled price. “Cartridge-based products are fast to work with. Since time is money, dentists appreciate this delivery system. And while there are similar products out there, Parkell offers what we always have—a great product at a better price, from a company that people love to do business with.”

Another important part of the customer relationship is Parkell’s extensive professional educational program. “Our product support staff includes two dentists, in-house,” Goldman says. “We have a great website with all kinds of instructional materials. On top of that, we sponsor seminars and study clubs where we teach the use of all of our products.”

As an example, Goldman mentions a technique that the company teaches for lubricating the preparation before using provisional resins so that they don’t lock on. “The technique’s easy and inexpensive—but very effective. Afterward, the customer has very few problems with the products, which makes for happy dentists and good treatment.”

Parkell works hard to maintain these customer relationships. “There are no surprises when you buy from us,” Goldman says. “You get a good quality product at an excellent price, and you get a company that stands behind what we sell. We really do have our customers’ best interests at heart.”

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