Jan/Feb 2010
Volume 31, Issue 1

Sybronendo Products Continue to Set Industry Standards

For more than 100 years, SybronEndo has been an innovator and leader in endodontic products. Its founding company, Kerr Endo, was the first manufacturer of endodontic instruments and materials in the world. With this level of experience, SybronEndo is uniquely positioned to respond to the evolving needs of its customers.

“For example, the global economic downturn has dramatically changed endodontic market dynamics,” notes Mark Clineff, General Manager. “General practitioners are now more likely to perform uncomplicated root canal therapy procedures themselves rather than refer them all to a specialist.” With an increasing number of GPs now learning to perform successful root canal treatments (RCTs), the company is concentrating on developing new products and training programs to meet the growing needs of GPs, while concurrently remaining focused on the requirements of endodontic specialists.

“At SybronEndo, we are committed to preserving natural dentition while eliminating patient pain,” Clineff explains. “We provide clinicians with the safest, most efficient files along with superior filling methods that continually set industry standards.” From the company’s K-Files (an industry standard for more than a century) to its most recent innovations, Twisted Files (TF) and Resilon® technology, SybronEndo is continually reshaping endodontics and improving the long-term success rates of RCT procedures.

Twisted Files offer a new paradigm in canal shaping, with maximum flexibility and breakage resistance, greatly improving clinical efficiency. “Twisted Files provide a quicker, safer experience for the patient,” Clineff says. The company’s Resilon technology—a synthetic root canal filling material based on polyester polymers—has demonstrated superior resistance to leakage. Resilon is used in SybronEndo’s popular Epiphany® and RealSeal obturation systems.

These products spring from a comprehensive research and development approach, Clineff says. “We use a variety of resources to identify product opportunities that meet or exceed our customers’ needs, from customer visits and advisory panels to surveys on market trends. Only those products that fit our core objectives and show the greatest potential for success are fully developed.

“Our close partnership with clinicians has helped us to develop a pipeline of advanced products that are efficient and effective, and will further increase long-term success rates,” Clineff continues. “From diagnostics to canal shaping, cleaning to obturation, the technology going into many of our new products was unheard of just a decade ago. It is an exciting time to be involved in product development at SybronEndo.”

This excitement continues with the company’s educational platform. “We teach thousands of dentists every year on the latest and most effective endodontic procedures,” Clineff says. Along with in-office, online, and direct mail continuing education courses, SybronEndo offers more than 200 hands-on courses and seminars worldwide. “As the demands on clinicians change and expand, we will be there with the products, procedures, and training to improve clinical success,” Clineff concludes.

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