Jan/Feb 2010
Volume 31, Issue 1

Focused Post-and-Core Solutions From Pentron Clinical

There’s an obvious synergy at work in Pentron Clinical’s esthetic post-and-core solutions, beginning with customer involvement and culminating in its exciting range of products. “The general practitioner is truly the core of our business,” says Jeremy Grondzik, Product Manager. “Pentron has a very close-knit customer base, with which we are in direct contact. Also, as a small-to-medium sized business unit, we’re much more familiar with everyone, and each department knows what the other one is doing.” This internal and external communication flow helps the company create highly anticipated next-generation products while enhancing its current offerings.

Pentron has established itself at the forefront of product research and development. “For example, Pentron helped pioneer the areas of fiber post technology and resin-based obturation materials with the invention of FibreKor® posts and Epiphany® endodontic obturation material,” Grondzik says.

These post systems include a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and attributes. FibreKor, Pentron’s first post system, is a white glass fiber post with a serrated design, available in six sizes. “That post was designed not only to retain the core but to also help preserve the tooth and create a restoration that was more kind and forgiving to the natural dentition,” Grondzik says.

The original idea behind FibreKleer®, Pentron’s next generation of fiber post technology, was a more translucent or clear design. “But we also wanted to take it a few steps further,” Grondzik says. In addition to the original serrated design, FibreKleer was released in two new shapes: 1) a tapered design for clinicians who want the most conservative post, mimicking the shape of the root canal; and 2) a parallel-shaped post with a retentive head feature for clinicians looking for more mechanical retention on the coronal end.

“At first, we focused on developing a new translucent post. But during the R&D phase, we discovered an unexpected benefit,” Grondzik explains. “While making the posts clear, we were able to increase the flexural strength by 50%.” Later, the company enhanced the FibreKleer posts further by factory-treating them with a presilanation step to help streamline post placement, significantly reducing chairtime.

A key component of Pentron’s success is its customer support. “It’s very important to give clinicians all the tools to use your product the way it’s intended,” Grondzik says. The company carefully designs detailed reference manuals and related educational offerings. “We’re seeing an overwhelming response to our webinars, videos, and online tutorials. Our live technical support has also been a tremendous asset.”

Pentron’s product development remains in constant forward motion. “From a post standpoint, our goal now is to develop a post to help streamline the process, make it easier for the dentist, and further integrate that post and tooth relationship so that they are truly united,” Grondzik says. “Minor changes can shave minutes off a procedure, which, by the end of the day and the end of the year, really adds up for our customers.”

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