Nov/Dec 2009
Volume 30, Issue 9

Experience and Vision are the Foundation of the CEREC System from Sirona

Most dentists would probably agree that it’s an exciting time in oral healthcare because of the expanded options offered by new and evolving digital technologies. “These digital systems are here to stay,” says George Priest, DMD, who practices in Hilton Head Island, SC. “They’re becoming mainstream in all aspects of dentistry and will ultimately replace conventional systems—while simultaneously improving patient care.”

Observing that a scanning system is a significant investment for a clinician, Priest offers advice for selecting a system. “Look for a system with high accuracy, a small camera, and intuitive software,” Priest says. “Also, it’s very important to look for a well-established and esteemed manufacturer that stands behind its products and has a long history in digital impression making.”

Priest points to Sirona Dental Systems as a leading example. “Sirona was one of the first, with thousands of units installed around the world. There’s no company with more experience in this area.”

Sirona’s CEREC® system, which uses Bluecam technology, offers some unique advantages. Each image captures a tremendous amount of information, providing superior quality and reducing the number of images that need to be taken. Once it identifies a digitally acceptable image, the Sirona camera automatically captures the impression. “Also, they have the smallest, least obtrusive camera,” Priest says. “That’s crucial for patient comfort and convenience.” The CEREC software, used by more than 32,000 dental practitioners during its 24-year history, has an unmatched reputation for reliability and ease of use.

Using a system such as CEREC makes tissue management less of an issue than in the past. “CEREC incorporates effective ceramic systems, such as lithium disilicate, that are strong and can replace many metal alloy or metal ceramic crowns. Therefore, the dentist is not trying to hide unsightly metal margins. In many cases, we can place supragingival margins because the all-ceramic systems blend in nicely with the existing tooth structure.”

Priest says digital systems can open many doors for a dental practice. “Overall, the research data is very favorable for this technology, and it’s only going to improve.” The advantages include immediate feedback, faster turnaround time, improved collaboration with the laboratory technician, convenience, less inventory, potential for increased accuracy, and ultimately, better care for the patient. Working with an experienced company such as Sirona, the dentist can seamlessly integrate these technologies into his or her practice—and be prepared for the future.

“I’ve found Sirona’s customer service to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable,” Priest says. “And the training program is unsurpassed. I feel good working with their people—they really have a passion for what they do and the skills to do it right.”

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