Nov/Dec 2009
Volume 30, Issue 9

Cadent: Providing Accurate Results in Digital Impressions

As a leader in 3-dimensional solutions, Cadent, Inc delivers state-of-the-art impression technology to the dentist chairside. The company’s iTero system is an easy-to-use digital impression system providing predictable results and the keys for enhancing efficiency.

Dentists using the system find it ideal. “For me as a clinician, this system gives me predictability of my impressions every time,” says Bret Jacobson, DDS, who uses iTero in his private practice in Federal Way, WA. “The impressions are more accurate than traditional impression-taking methods. I don’t have messy impression materials, and it’s easier for my patients. The system eliminates remakes and retakes. The fit of the crowns are superb.” He adds, “It is very easy to use, and the scanning sequence is quick.”

The scanning sequence routinely requires 1.5 to 3 mins for a quadrant impression and 3 to 5 minutes for an expanded or full arch impression. With no time required for preparing impression trays, a dental office can operate more efficiently. The system’s precision requires minimal adjustment.

The dentist does not need to modify office practice to use this system—preparation and moisture control techniques may be performed according to the user’s experience and preference.

The system features parallel confocal imaging, which uses laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the surface and contours of the tooth and gingival structures. The scanner captures 100,000 points of laser light and provides perfectly focused images of more than 300 focal points of the tooth structure.

“You don’t want to scan the powder. You want to scan the tooth,” says Avi Kopelman, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “When the dentist looks at more than one preparation, he needs to manage the procedure, the soft tissue, and the moisture. The number one advantage is having a digital system that can scan with no powder.”

He also notes that the dentist can stop as often as necessary to ensure patient comfort as well as to assess the process.

iTero was introduced in 2007 after Cadent invested years of concentrated research and development.

“Thousands of dentists use iTero every day,” says Kerri Sebring, Director of Marketing. “We have over 1500 dentists who are actively using it for restorations, and we have done more than 250,000 restorations.”

iTero enables the dentist to make any necessary adjustments in real-time and then transmit the file via a wireless system.

“Each week, more than 2500 cases are processed through our company and come from throughout the world—Germany, Holland, Canada, and the US,” Sebring says. “We can digitally move those files and not lose any of that data in transmission. iTero is a very robust, proven system. While digital impression technology is relatively new, it’s a proven technology.”

Jacobson points to a double-blind study in which he was an investigator. “We tested a traditional impression compared to a scan. In my office, 72% of the best crowns were based on the Cadent models.”

Education is a major focus of Cadent’s customer service. Cadent performs 30 to 40 professional education programs a month about digital impression systems and has published more than 25 articles this year, Sebring says.

“We have a team of more than 15 clinical trainers who provide new training in-office and installation as well as ongoing support,” says Sebring. “We can look at the digital impressions by accessing the iTero system remotely and help the dentist through complex cases.”

The voice of the customer helps shape the continuing improvement of the iTero system, she says. “We are constantly listening to our customers and use this feedback to do the upgrades on a quarterly basis.”

Jacobson says the iTero system offers an effective means for maintaining and building on his solid relationships with patients. “I use the realtime feedback as a patient education tool to demonstrate the process and show them what to expect. Getting the patient involved in the whole experience is a great opportunity.”

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