Jul/Aug 2009
Volume 30, Issue 6

Shofu Provides Broad Spectrum of Restorative and Abrasive Materials

Shofu International, a worldwide dental materials and equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1922. The United States headquarters, Shofu Dental Corporation, opened in 1971. Originally known for porcelain denture teeth, the company now offers various restorative materials, instruments, and equipment, including porcelains, composites, adhesives, cements, diamonds, carbides, and finishing and polishing products, and has manufacturing facilities in Japan, the United Kingdom, and China. Shofu’s motto is: Proven products for better dentistry. The company is committed to high-quality research and development.

Shofu’s Beautifil® II composite restorative is a nano-hybrid indicated for Class I to Class V root caries, direct laminate veneers, and core build-up restorations. Beautifil II is available in 12 shades in both syringes and unit-dose tips. These include eight shades designed specially for a single-shade restorative technique. It is a light-cured, fluoride-releasing/recharging “giomer,” comprised of Surface Pre-Reacted Glass (S-PRG) ionomer fillers and nanofillers.

“Giomer is a term unique to Shofu,” explains Brian Melonakos, President and CEO of Shofu Dental Corporation. “Beautifil II has a chemistry closer to composite than a glass ionomer and is shown to inhibit plaque adhesion. It doesn’t slump or stick to instruments and has excellent color adaptability and light transmission. It also is the only composite with significant fluoride release.”

Beautifil II can be used with any generation of bonding agent. An 8-year clinical study at the University of Florida showed no reports of clinical failure or sensitivity and Beautifil II demonstrated almost full retention (95%) of surface luster.

Melonakos describes Shofu’s corporate philosophy as the devotion to developing products that exceed the expectations of dental professionals and having the commitment to market leadership. “Like any global company, the challenge is to offer products that effectively meet the needs of the US, Japan, and Europe,” Melonakos says. “Our R&D people go to as many dental meetings as possible, participate in roundtables, and visit practices and labs to observe firsthand how clinicians work. We also maintain close relationships with dental schools worldwide.”

Shofu just launched BeautiBond adhesive, a seventh-generation, one-component, self-etch, single-coat bonding agent. “It was designed to work well with every composite available,” says Melonakos. BeautiBond is HEMA-free and has a unique dual adhesive monomer formulation that bonds to both enamel and dentin.”

“We are a unique company that provides great products to both dental labs and dental practices,” Melonakos says. “Shofu continues to research giomer and other new products, including restoratives and cements, as well as ways to further improve its existing products.”

Shofu Dental Corporation
1225 Stone Drive, San Marcos, CA 92078-4059
(800) 827-4638
(760) 736-3276 [fax]


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