June 2009
Volume 30, Issue 5

From the Guest Editor

Richard D. Roblee, DDS, MS

Dear Readers,

One of the most rewarding aspects of my professional career has been derived from restorative-driven interdisciplinary therapy. The main reason that I left a successful restorative practice to specialize in orthodontics was because I realized that the biggest impact I could make on the overall quality of my restorative dentistry was through an interdisciplinary approach using orthodontics. With that in mind, I would like to thank Dr. John Kois for the privilege of being Guest Editor for Compendium’s special issue dedicated to “Orthodontics in Restorative-Driven Interdisciplinary Therapy.”

Also, I would like to thank the authors for their hard work and dedication in creating this collection of cutting-edge articles:

  • To help ensure predictable optimal restorative results, Dr. Brad Jones describes and illustrates several excellent techniques for maximizing orthodontic positioning of worn or misshaped incisors. This is a special online-only article, which is available at www.compendiumlive.com.
  • For those interdisciplinary patients who refuse to have braces, Dr. Robert Boyd discusses the newest information regarding the use of clear aligners for pre-restorative alignment of debilitated dentitions.
  • Dental anthropologist Dr. Jerome Rose presents some fascinating evidence for the origins of modern dental crowding and malocclusions that could change the way we evaluate and treat these problems.
  • In their case report, Dr. Brian Vence and his team beautifully describe the science behind optimally developing a hopelessly deficient alveolar ridge for dental implant placement.
  • Dr. Scott Bolding and Dr. Jason Landers assisted me in presenting the newest information and protocols for implementing surgically facilitated orthodontics to optimally address alveolar bone discrepancies that previously didn’t have an acceptable treatment option.

I hope you enjoy reading and applying these articles to your practice as much as I enjoyed collaborating with these excellent clinicians and authors.


Richard D. Roblee, DDS, MS

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