Special Issues
July/August 2021
Volume 42, Issue 1

Clear Aligner Case: Treatment Achieved With Minimal Attachments

Mario Chorak, DMD

The patient, 23 years and 1 month old, presented with moderate crowding, retroclined maxillary incisors, and an anterior occlusal cant. She wanted to be treated with clear aligners but preferred minimal attachments, unlike the aligner treatment her twin sister received with aligners from a different manufacturer that utilized several attachments. The progress photographs presented in this case show that after 5 months of treatment with Reveal® Clear Aligners (Henry Schein® Orthodontics, revealclearaligners.com) her teeth alignment was nearly ideal. For much of the treatment the patient had no attachments and mentioned that people could not even tell she was wearing aligners. To fix her cant and improve her smile arc, a few attachments were necessary, which the patient was fine with, knowing that it would idealize the treatment. The final result was achieved in just 11 months. The patient, who was extremely pleased to be in the esthetically friendly Reveal aligners throughout the treatment, was ecstatic with the results. From a clinical standpoint, the posterior occlusion remained socked in extremely well and the Reveal aligners tracked superbly throughout the treatment. The clarity of the aligners was excellent, and the author/clinician considers this aligner system a true asset to the practice.

Key Takeaways

Reveal® Clear Aligners from Henry Schein® Orthodontics are made with an advanced manufacturing process with proprietary ClearWear material to provide
excellent esthetics and fit.

Featuring smooth edges trimmed at the gingival margin, the aligners provide exceptional tooth-specific control to reduce the need for unattractive attachments.

Compatible with both digital scans and traditional PVS impressions, Reveal's open-source platform accepts STL digital impressions from all leading intraoral scanners.

About the Author

Mario Chorak, DMD
Private Practice, Fairwood and
Mercer Island, Washington

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