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Special Issues
September 2010
Volume 31, Issue 3

Radiolucency of CLEARFIL™ SE BOND

Regarding the radiolucency of CLEARFIL™ SE BOND, Kuraray customer service has not received any complaints. Panel members confirmed that they have never experienced this problem with either CLEARFIL SE BOND or CLEARFIL PROTECT BOND. There are no radiolucent areas noticeable when the bonding agents are used properly.

On the other hand, if the bond is not properly air-blown or if multiple applications are made, there could be a risk of seeing an image radiographically within the bonding area. This could result from a pooling of the bonding agent when applied to lateral preparations (such as Class II restorations).

Dentists are advised to follow the recommendations outlined below when using either CLEARFIL SE BOND or CLEARFIL PROTECT BOND:

  • Proper use of the product, as outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions, is critical.
  • A wicking action using a microbush, without air-blowing, to absorb excess bond is helpful.
  • Wick and air-blow using a suction tip with a large bore; gently air-blow to remove excess bond.
  • Use a suction tip only to remove excess bond.
  • Clean and dry the syringe to avoid oil and water in the air line and the surgical suction tip to remove excess bond.

There is a need for better understanding of the function of air-blowing. The air-blowing step is more than just for moisture control: it is also for gentle, even dispersion of the bonding agent. In addition, clinicians cannot assume that bonding agents of the same generation have the same properties. There are many types of self-etch products available, and they do not perform the same. Not all self-etch products are identical; some bonding agents may require phosphoric acid for better retention.

Case using CLEARFIL PROTECT BOND on teeth Nos. 15 and 18*

(Dr. Marvin A. Fier, Pomona, New York)

*No radiolucent areas are noticeable.

For further information and to view the supporting figures and illustrations, please see the online interactive pdf, Technical Solutions for CLEARFIL Adhesives, at:

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