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Inside Dental Technology
June 2023
Volume 14, Issue 6

A Technology Platform Designed for Dentistry

Cayster connects devices and team members to transform efficiency

Naming a tech company can be difficult. Gary Kaye, DDS, and Aditya Narayan wanted a name involving "cases" for their new business. While they were brainstorming, Kaye recalled that his late father-in-law had owned a racehorse, Cayster, named after a river in Turkey. The horse was a winner, and Kaye's goal is to help dental laboratories and dentists win with digital technology, so they had their name: Cayster. "Dentistry has a number of excellent individual technologies, but most of them have not yet reached a point in their evolution where they can actually talk to each other," Narayan says. "By accomplishing that, Cayster is helping laboratories and practices achieve true returns on their technology investments."

Cayster is a technology platform that connects laboratories and dentists, delivering improved outcomes, actionable data, visibility across practices, performance measuring tools, and more. Kaye, the chairman and chief dental officer, has been a digital dentistry pioneer for 30 years, whereas Narayan, the CEO, has been a technology entrepreneur. "We started talking about how laboratories and dentists could communicate better in the digital space," Kaye says, "and that concept has developed into looking more holistically at what dentistry's technology environment looks like so that we can identify challenges and create solutions. Cayster is 100% focused on creating a digital ecosystem for dentistry. Furthermore, we want to encourage digital dentistry, so the company will be providing intraoral scanners to dentists with no upfront cost."

Kaye and Narayan describe Cayster as being similar to Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS. "It is an underlying operating system," Kaye says. "It adds value to the laboratory management software and all of the different devices by creating a way for them to communicate." Like an operating system, Cayster provides a unified user experience for various applications. For example, data from intraoral scanners made by different manufacturers appears in one portal in a standard format. Communication between practice and laboratory is also centralized in one place. Laboratories can even observe intraoral scans in real time and provide instant feedback. Billing—on both ends—is streamlined and simplified. And those are just a few of the features. Because the Cayster platform is browser-based, there is no software to download, and artificial intelligence is a foundational component of it that will play an increasingly important role in the future.

According to Narayan, with interoperability will come greater ease of use for each individual technology. No longer will each device require a dedicated system and expert. "We are at that point in the dental profession," he says, "when the user experience will become much more significant than it has been in the past. One of our goals is to minimize the amount of training that is necessary. Of course, dentistry requires specialized technology, but we can get much closer to a situation where you can look at an interface and immediately understand how to use it."

Laboratories utilizing Cayster have reported increased efficiency as well as minimal chairside adjustments, remakes, and reappointments. Cayster also passed a significant milestone this year when it strategically collaborated with Ivoclar on the company's new VivaScan intraoral scanning technology. "The fact that a giant in the dental space like Ivoclar decided to collaborate with us is a testament to what we have built and where we are going," Kaye says.

In that regard, Cayster has only scratched the surface of its potential. "Dentistry is a very complex undertaking," Kaye says. "There are so many variables. The technology that is aiding you and supporting you should make it easier to focus on dentistry, and finally, Cayster is making that possible."


Gary Kaye, DDS
Chairman and Chief Dental Officer
Gary Kaye, DDS, has decades of experience in the dental industry and technology innovation. Previous to Cayster, he founded Kaye Dentistry PLLC, a world class reconstructive, cosmetic and implant group dental practice. Highly regarded by professional peers and patients alike, Kaye Dentistry provided state-of-the-art modalities to help patients attain long-term, stable oral health. Dr Kaye has successfully treated thousands of patients from all walks of life. He was also a group founder and partner at the North American Dental Group, an affiliated company of Jacobs Holdings, Switzerland, and served as its Chief Dental Technology Officer.

Aditya Narayan
Aditya Narayan is a technology innovator with deep expertise in wide-ranging areas such as artificial intelligence, CAD, and cyber security, among others. Narayan has a Master's degree in Physics. Over the course of his career, he has worked as a senior executive at various large companies, including The Walt Disney Company. Narayan was an early innovator in EdTech, co-founded 1to1 Tutor and Turn to Tech, and has recently brought several technologies to the dental market. He also advises startups and serves as a technology advisor to Purvi Capital, an emerging markets venture capital fund.


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