Inside Dental Technology
June/July 2020
Volume 11, Issue 6

An Affordable Printer with Premium Accuracy

The FreeShape 120 from Primotec USA allows high-quality open-source printing

George Cowburn

We have been 3D printing models, surgical guides, and denture bases on a closed system at Perfit Dental Solutions for some time now. Unfortunately, Canada's material restrictions have prevented us from printing teeth because the only approved materials are not compatible with the printer we had. That is why we decided to purchase a second printer—the FreeShape 120 from Ackuretta—through Primotec USA.

Speed, accuracy, and cost are the primary factors that manufacturers always balance with 3D printers; at least one of those factors is typically a compromise. At Perfit Dental Solutions, we always prioritize high accuracy, which is why we chose the FreeShape 120. The XY resolution is listed at 47 μm, and our initial tests have not disappointed. This printer is very impressive in terms of accuracy compared to the one we already use, so we now feel confident using the FreeShape 120 for critical applications. It is a more affordable printer, but it is evident that Ackuretta did not compromise the quality of the internal mechanisms, which all appear to be machined aluminum and higher quality than in other machines in the same price range.

Ease of use is another benefit of the FreeShape 120. Out of the box, installing the software, and printing the first object typically can take a significant amount of time. This printer, however, is quite straightforward with a simple user interface. I was happy and surprised by that.

Of course, any equipment purchase always comes down to one thing—service—and that is why I purchased the FreeShape 120 through Primotec USA. I wanted a very reputable and responsive reseller who knows the equipment and is very familiar with the support structure beyond Level 1. The reseller's Level 1 support is important, but you also need them to be able to get us answers to questions beyond Level 1. Primotec USA is very responsive and able to get those answers.

It is always good when you are reviewing something that leaves you with an overall positive feeling, and this machine has accomplished that. It is well-built. Moving forward, the most exciting aspect of 3D printing is the deluge of new material options. I am really excited to try out innovative materials, such as denture resins that offer more shade options and Primotec's new line of resins coming soon. Early resins have provided the basic shades, but now we really want to be able to manufacture everything that we could in the traditional workflow, and the FreeShape 120 will help us do that.

Key Takeaways

› High XY resolution at 47 µm
› Open system with over 60 pre-calibrated resins from most third-party manufacturers
› Primotec USA offers top-notch, responsive customer service

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George Cowburn
Co-Founder and CRO
Perfit Dental Solutions
Kelowna, British Columbia

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