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Inside Dental Technology
October 2019
Volume 10, Issue 10

Zimbis Transforms Laboratory Operations

New dental division of Cubex tracks and manages inventory

Inventory management is about to become much more efficient for dental laboratories. Cubex, a hugely successful company in several other industries, has launched Zimbis, a new division focused solely on dentistry and dental laboratories. Zimbis storage equipment and software increase charge capture, lower inventory spend, and improve regulatory compliance.

"We have observed similar pain points across the dental laboratory industry," says Louis Visser, DDS, Zimbis' Vice President of Sales and Business Development. "Lot number tracking is very difficult, especially when you have a high volume of parts. Billing properly can be challenging, and stock-outs frequently require costly overnight shipping orders. Zimbis addresses all of those issues."

Visser's brother, Anton, founded Cubex in 2008, placing units in his brother's dental office and in the veterinary practice of their father, Chris.

"It worked really well for both of us, and the company grew quickly in the veterinary space," Louis Visser says.

Cubex soon branched out into other industries and approximately 2 years ago developed new hardware and software that they felt would fit the dental and dental laboratory industries particularly well.

Around that same time, BJ Kowalski, President of ROE Dental Laboratory, expressed a desire to try the products. Kowalski faced challenges with maintaining accurate FDA logs, cost capture, and stock-outs. Cubex installed cabinets in his laboratory and spent 6 months fine-tuning their system for a dental laboratory. Integration with Labtrac laboratory management software provided significant improvement, and ROE's business became much more efficient as a result.

"We were able to really help them with billing best practices, mastering their inventory, and more," Visser says.

The secure system requires a sign-in and dispenses the required parts for each case. It tracks inventory and prompts purchasing when stock is low. It also tracks various other parts of the laboratory workflow, including zirconia disc usage, in the cloud.

With the arrival of Zimbis, those benefits will be available across the laboratory industry. The new division has its own headquarters in Costa Mesa, California; a brand-new website; and dedicated executive, software, customer support, and installation teams.

"We are entirely focused on dental," Visser says. "We look forward to making a positive impact in the laboratory industry."

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