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Inside Dental Hygiene
October 2022
Volume 0, Issue 0

VivaStyle® Whitening Solutions

1. Three professional whitening solutions to fit your patients' needs and lifestyles.

2. All VivaStyle® whitening solutions are clinically proven and received high patient approval ratings¹.

3. Capture a piece of the growing whitening market with Ivoclar's innovative VivaStyle affiliate program.

4.  Gain access to support tools to help grow your business with new and prospective patients.

5. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you are offering your patients whitening products from a trusted dental manufacturer.

Ivoclar is proud to announce a new and improved way to sell professional whitening with the introduction of the VivaStyle Whitening Program. Feel confident you can now provide clinically proven¹ whitening solutions from a trusted manufacturer and generate additional income from each purchase made by patients. You can start to grow professional whitening sales both inside and outside of the practice with a better, more convenient way for patients to receive professional whitening solutions.

Learn more:

Learn more about VivaStyle whitening solutions. • 800-533-6825

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