Inside Dentistry
February 2021
Volume 17, Issue 2

A Conservative Alternative for Severe Recession Defects

Andrew E. Skasko, DDS, on Shofu’s Beautifil® II Gingiva

Many dentists seem to be driven by the eternal quest for knowledge, and we will travel far and wide to advance ourselves as clinicians. In 2012, I attended the Seattle Study Club's 19th Annual Symposium, The Compleat Clinician. The theme of this particular meeting really inspired me. Every day, we have the opportunity to sharpen our clinical skills and evolve into more complete clinicians. Although each of us may have a slightly different take on this concept, one universal truth is that we can deliver better dentistry today by applying what we learned yesterday.

The decision to critically evaluate my performance as a restorative dentist has opened my eyes to a conservative treatment alternative for a class of patients who were previously underserved in my practice-those with Miller Class III and Class IV gingival recession. By underserved, I do not mean to suggest that I felt like I was undertreating these patients; I simply was not satisfied with the treatment options that I was able to offer. Many of these patients had previously undergone grafting procedures by skilled periodontists, but full root coverage was difficult or impossible to achieve for their defects.

My evolution as a restorative dentist took a leap forward when I was introduced to Shofu's Beautifil® II Gingiva composite with bioactive Giomer Technology. This product can predictably restore severe gingival recession biologically, structurally, and esthetically. The first time that I used it, I had challenged myself to develop a treatment plan for a patient who had previously undergone orthodontic treatment and grafting procedures but was unable to achieve stable root coverage of his Miller Class III defects. I utilized a combination of Beautifil II Gingiva and Enamel shade composites to successfully treat his case. After receiving very positive feedback from the patient and his wife, I realized that this treatment option was here to stay. Pink composites have since become an important part of my restorative armamentarium. It has been 2 years since the patient's treatment, and his restorations still look amazing.

When I began using Beautifil II Gingiva, I was aware of Shofu's bioactive Giomer Technology; however, I was curious to see how it would perform. I have been pleasantly surprised by the reduced plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation as well as the absence of root sensitivity that I've seen associated with these restorations. In addition, none of my patients who received pink restorations for their Miller Class III and Class IV defects have experienced any debonding.

In every regard, Beautifil II Gingiva has far exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful to Shofu for producing it. This product is truly a game changer for these previously underserved patients with severe recession defects, and it has added great momentum to my journey toward becoming "The Compleat Clinician."

Key Takeaways

• Facilitates esthetic reproduction of the gingiva

• Five gingival shades can be blended to meet the needs of all ethnicities

• Offers esthetic solutions without surgery

• Perfect for Class V restorations

Andrew E. Skasko, DDS
Private Practice
New Albany, Ohio

Manufacturer Information
Shofu Dental

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