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Inside Dentistry
November 2019
Volume 15, Issue 11

A Truly Universal Composite for All Restorative Needs

Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD, on Shofu’s Beautifil® II LS

Approximately 6 months ago, I was introduced to Beautiful® II LS, a new addition to Shofu's composite resin line. It was described to me as a product that combined the bioactivity of Shofu's patented Giomer technology with a higher molecular weight monomer, resulting in a "low-shrink/low-stress" material that could be used universally. Since then, I have placed Beautiful II LS restorations in every conceivable preparation type and location in the oral cavity. The outcomes have been nothing short of incredible, yielding beautiful results that maintain their polish and structural integrity.

With the vast number of resin options that are available today, there is an ideal choice for every possible restorative indication. However, the reality is that having to inventory a large quantity of materials can be cost-prohibitive. Having one material that alleviates most concerns related to structural integrity, caries resistance, and esthetics is the new definition of universal.

Regarding structural concerns, microleakage has been the "Achilles' heel" of posterior resins implicated in premature failures of resin-based dentistry. By reducing the volumetric shrinkage to an industry-leading 0.85% and the shrinkage stress to 2.72 MPa, Beautifil II LS reduces the risk of negative sequelae associated with polymerization. Tooth cracks/deformation, white lines, cuspal deflection, and debonding are all associated with shrinkage stress. The combination of a high filler load of prepolymerized glass particles with a low volume of high molecular weight monomers is what imparts this material with its unique low-shrinkage characteristics while still offering formidable strength. With a respectable compressive strength of 364 MPa and a flexural strength of 117 MPa, this material can be confidently utilized in many posterior applications.

The bioactive nature of Beautifil II LS improves caries resistance. Pre-reacted glass fillers that serve as a conduit for the active exchange of six ions, including fluoride, are the key components of Shofu's Giomer technology. Other benefits of Giomer technology include the ability to form an acid-resistant layer, neutralize acids, and inhibit biofilm.

Esthetically speaking, Beautifil II LS demonstrates optical properties similar to those of natural tooth structure and can be easily polished to a high gloss. More importantly, these restorations retain their high-gloss polish long-term.

Although there is no substitute for minimizing risk through the mastery of restorative technique, having a material that minimizes the risks associated with resin restorations can be quite comforting. However, having a product that does this that is also highly esthetic and resonably priced is what sets Beautifil II LS apart as a truly universal composite.

Key Takeaways

1. Cost-effective: Helps minimize cumbersome composite inventories

2. Bioactive: Built-in Giomer technology offers improved caries resistance

3. Esthetic: Features tooth-like optical properties, ease of shade matching/blending, ease of polish, and maintenance of gloss

4. Universal: Can be used in virtually any circumstance where a composite restoration is indicated

About the Author

Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD
Academy of General Dentistry
Private Practice
Conway, South Carolina

Manufacturer Information
Shofu Dental Corporation

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