May 2020
Volume 41, Issue 5

Staying Sharp

These continue to be difficult times for dental practitioners as COVID-19 lingers. With most dental procedures having been put on hold, practices by and large have been sitting idle. However, while the practice of dentistry is in a lull, the learning of dentistry continues for clinicians. Expectations are that we'll be back to work soon, and in the interim, dentists will need to stay abreast of the latest developments in techniques, approaches, and protocols, which continue to progress despite the current circumstances.

With that in mind, Compendium this month presents a wider array of digital content to facilitate access for those readers who may not be able to retrieve their printed journal from their office. This content is highlighted in our expanded "Online Only" section (pp. 260-261). Abstracts with clear drivers to the complete digital articles are provided to ensure everyone can take full advantage of the issue's offerings.

Our first continuing education (CE) article this month discusses strategy and the clinical management of long-term ridge development in children following dental trauma. Two cases are presented: one involving an ankylosed tooth and one in which fractured roots were not ankylosed. In both instances treatment was aimed at preserving the developing alveolar ridge over the course of more than a decade. Our other CE article completes a five-part series on dental care for the pregnant patient. In this final installment, the authors focus on management of oral health in a complicated pregnancy.

This month we also feature a Kois Center Case in which a patient with a constricted chewing pattern and unappealing teeth desired a dramatically improved smile. With the adult patient unwilling to undergo any orthodontic therapy, the authors developed a conservative treatment plan utilizing a multidisciplinary, additive restorative approach.

Other featured topics in this issue include dental implant placement in the maxillary posterior region with the aid of hydraulic sinus condensing, the use of inverted body-shift implants in anterior post-extraction sockets, and the efficacy of teeth bleaching during orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. There's also a special report on prevention and hygiene.

We all want these troubled times to end as quickly as possible. Take heart that Compendium, a stalwart publication for dental clinicians for more than four decades, will be here with you through thick and thin to help you stay sharp. Also, be sure to check in with our continuing dental education partner, CDEWorld.com, to further bolster your CE credits.

As always, thank you for your support of Compendium. Stay safe, healthy, and positive!


Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

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