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Learn more about Esamate by Preventech!

Are your handpieces compliant?

Esamate Lube-Free Low Speed handpieces are heat sterilization tolerant. They also offer a 360-degree swivel. Learn more!


Learn more about how critical thinking can help with difficult patients!

How can critical thinking help with difficult patients?

Inspired Hygiene suggests some tips in how sharpening critical thinking can help improve the patient's experience and improve outcomes.


Learn more about the

How can the link between periodontal disease and other health issues save lives?

The "Bale-Doneen Method" provides a unique, comprehensive, and evidence-based approach to detecting, preventing, and treating cardiovascular disease and its implications for dentistry can help patients.


Learn more about mobile technologies and how their use can improve oral care.

Can mobile technologies offer improved oral care compliance?

Mario Rui Araujo discusses blue-tooth connected intelligent brushing and how innovations like this one can help bridge instructions provided in the office to patients' implentation in the home. 


Learn more about the SMART technique using SDF and glass ionomer cement!

Is there a quick, painless way to SDF fill?

This video tutorial illustrates the Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (SMART) technique using silver diamine flouride and glass ionomer cement. 

G-U-M Paroex - Alcohol Free, Chlorhexidine Rinse
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